friday? how ’bout friYAY!

guys, this week has kicked my booty in good ways and bad. making your for-fun jobs your main job takes a whole heck of a lot of work. and while it’s work I definitely enjoy… it’s work nonetheless.

add to that the truly terrifying and totally amazing experience of being in a new part of the country and meeting people and having countless coffee dates (which is my fave), and I don’t think I’ve actually had a free evening this week! I’m majorly worn out guys!

I’ll tell you one thing: I’m SO going to spend (almost) all day tomorrow RELAXING- french pressed coffee and cutesy mugs included. Christmas tree unfortunately not included.
french press9 bw

perhaps a trip to CFA might even be in order… I mean, all in the name of #selfcare my babes 😉

it might be the hormones, or it might be the transition into the autumn creeping up on us, but all I seem to want lately is soups, stews, and anything barbecue. gimme ALL that cozy comfort food!! so, you know what? I think I’ll just indulge a little and go with it…
in case you couldn’t tell, this girl LOVES her fall food! ❤

what the avricks eat
FRIDAY :: out for pizza with friends!
SATURDAY :: home-made mac n cheese & barbecue chicken
SUNDAY :: super simple sloppy joes
MONDAY :: chicken corn chowder
TUESDAY :: cheeseburger soup & french fries
WEDNESDAY :: ranch chicken stir fry over rice
THURSDAY :: barbecue nachos
FRIDAY :: chicken pot pie & baked potatoes

for now, I’ll be dreaming of cozy dinners as I sip my hot tea and pound away on the keyboard. 🙂 all for you guys!

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