ahhh september. my second-favorite month because it signals that my favorite month (and the full swing of autumn) is coming next. 😉

and as I sit here sipping my ultra-cozy salted caramel mocha (take that, PSL) and snuggling deeper into my giant, knit open-front cardigan, I can’t help but remember there are those of you who are actually mourning summer. (sorry. I promise I love you.)

one thing I’ve never been very good at, though, is keeping track of all the things I have to get done or people I have to meet with during big transition points in my life. things always seem to slip through the cracks, and then I feel terrible!

enter: the Create 365 “The Happy Planner” from My Big Ideas at Michael’s!

THREE REASONS I love my day planner //

1.) it stands up to tough wear and tear
I take this thing with me everywhere you guys. like, all the time. it gets shoved in my purse, tossed in the backseat, spilled on by coffee, and dropped. (yeah, yeah, I’m a klutz) but because it’s got this great, heavily laminated cover and durable thick plastic rings (which are constructed so you can rearrange and add pages if you want to!), this planner hangs on for the ride. coffee (and other spills) wipes right off the cover!

2.) it gives you four different ways to view each month 
this means I can plan for the big picture, while still being able to detail out day-by-day activities! the first two pages give you a full two-year view; then in each month’s tab there is a page for all the special dates, birthdays, goals, things to remember, list of holidays, and a mini view of the past and previous month; this is followed by a two-page layout of that month’s calendar; finally, you’ve got a weekly calendar with TONS of space for writing on each day, a mini month calendar, and a place to jot down any extra notes.

full two-year view: planner9 monthly tab:
monthly calendar (showing off Little Fox’s due date!):
weekly/daily view:

3.) it comes with dozens of organizational extras
coordinating washi tape packs, extra note-taking pages, full themes to add in (like fitness, wedding planning, and more!), dividers and page markers that click right into the spiral spine, pockets and envelopes to add for special occasion souvenirs, plus stickers for doctor appointments and birthdays!

and did I mention that the entire planner is less than $30?!

and that it comes in oodles of different colors and prints?

and that there’s a teacher planner that is MASSIVE and I can only assume AMAZING?

okay I’m done.

but seriously go get yourself to Michael’s and get organized for this fall!! 😉

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