something about that phrase “it’s all good” just grates against my bones and makes me shiver. ugh.

there’s something about it that doesn’t sit right, doesn’t feel right, just seems wrong. it always has. and there’s a reason why…

it’s because it isn’t right.



I feel like especially in Christian circles we have this epidemic of “it’s all good”. it usually follows a series of statements about how frustrated or worn out we are, or how difficult our week has been.

but to stop there would leave an awkward emptiness that people don’t know how to fill. it would mean we don’t trust God to make it better, or that we don’t have any joy… right? so we quickly wrap it up in the nice, holy bow of “but I mean, it’s all good”.

phew. awkwardness evaded. everyone still thinks I love Jesus. cool.

…so then we’re left lonely, faking it, trying to do it all on our own. but at least everyone thinks we still love Jesus. at least no one actually thinks we have doubts or serious struggles. what a relief… (can you feel the sarcasm?)

the thing is, there are very legitimate things that happen in our lives that aren’t even close to good. and God doesn’t expect us to pretend they are… so why do we expect that of each other?

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. // Romans 8:28 // 

please, please hear me on this.
this is not about “finding the good in everything”. sometimes there’s nothing good in a given situation. sometimes it’s just a whole lot of hell.
this does not magically make everything good. that’s just outrageous.

this is all about the glory and grace of God taking horrible, hellish things and bringing good out of it in time.

there was nothing good about the slaughter of Jesus. nothing good about his torture, or the horrifying disrespect with which he was treated. there was nothing good about Him being beaten so violently that it was almost impossible to tell he was human. everything about that was horrible, evil, and disturbingly bad. to say otherwise would be sick.

it’s what came out of it, what the bad was transformed into by glory and power over three days, that was good. it was salvation and so much grace and love that doesn’t blink in the face of the evil that was so, so good.

so can we just stop with the “it’s all good” already? can we quit playing games and just be real about the fact that there is a whole lot of really really bad in the world, that it touches our lives and brings pain and fear and wounded-ness, and that our hope isn’t in some fake denial of the reality of a fallen world, but in the promise of the goodness that’s waiting?


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