according to my fave pregnancy app (hello Ovia!), our little fox is now the size of a zucchini!
um, WHAT? I mean, shut up, she is NOT that big! that blows my mind just a little.

beach dock2.jpg

size of a– zucchini (nope. I’m in denial)
weight– about 6.7oz
gender– girl
fun– can now suck her thumb in the womb, and can hear things outside of the womb
movement– a few little kicks Sunday night was a first 🙂

cravings– anything barbecue, beef, salty foods, ice
aversions– I’m super sensitive to smell, so any leftovers get thrown out straight away unless J is planning on eating them for lunch the next day at work!
symptoms– hungry all the time! dizziness, crying at the drop of a hat, some insomnia, and still so so so exhausted. exhaustion has been by far the worst symptom this whole pregnancy. I think I forgot it was possible to be so tired that the tiredness makes you feel sick, and that’s been a lot of it.

until next week!


One thought on “BUMPDATE // 19 WEEKS

  1. Eeeep! She’s getting so big now 😊 So exciting that you can feel kicks now too! I’m 17 weeks in two days and I am anxiously waiting for the flutters/kicks to happen. I have a midwife appointment next week, so hopefully I can hear the heartbeat too 😍 I feel you on the exhaustion! I thought we were supposed to get a burst of energy in the second trimester but it definitely hasn’t happened for me 😂 (yet). You are looking so, so good though! I feel like a sack of potatoes a solid 75% of the time 😂

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