things are changing ’round here! 🙂

part of that change involves NEW blogging series & NEW weekly posts on the blog, the latter of which I’m so excited to introduce next week! but for now, here’s the beginning of my new monthly blogging series: Moriah Monthly, which you can expect to see during the first week of each new month!

Moriah Monthly // September

personal //
1) spend LOTS of time with the people I love. with Little Fox coming, I want to enjoy all the moments of just the two of us (me & J) that we have left. and I want to soak in all the time I’ll have back home and with a dear friend coming to visit me!
2) get outside more! the weather is slowly turning cooler, and I’m loving every second  of it! plus, with so many incredible places to explore in the northwest, I don’t want to stay cooped up inside all the time! (maybe go apple picking on one of J’s days off?)
3) reveal Little Fox’s name!! eep! I’m so freakin’ excited about this one! 🙂 I’ll do a big in-person reveal at my baby shower at the end of the month, and then I’ll be posting it on here for you all to see!

business //
1) re-launch the untidy grace business. that’s right, y’all. I know I’ve been hinting at it for a while, but Untidy Grace is getting a major remodel. in fact, by the end of the month, the name Untidy Grace will include this blog, my photography business, and an official shop where I’ll be selling the SECRET PROJECT I’ve been working on. hint: it’s getting published soon! 😀 in addition to that, there will be loads of prints, Scripture-related goodness, and limited edition hand-lettered items.
2) host a giveaway. this secret project I’ve been plugging away at? yup, I’m going to give one of the items away for FREE. because I love you guys! ❤ make sure to keep connected with the bloggie so you don’t miss a thing!
3) new weekly blogging series! eep! these will all show up NEXT WEEK, and there will be something new on the blog almost every single day, so keep your eyes open, and stop by often for brand new goodies and some rich content! a LOT of thought, planning, and hard prayer has gone into this to make sure I’m staying true to what I believe this blog is all about, and I’m so excited.


reading // Ezra & Haggai in the Bible. been digging deep into the richness of what it means to deconstruct and rebuild, in preparation for this secret project, but I’m being so blessed and filled up in the process because God’s Word NEVER lets us go away empty!

planning // my trip to Maryland & my time with my bestie back here in the PNW… so excited to share with you all the goodness that comes out of that!! 😀

watching // Stargate Atlantis. just finished SG1, so we’re on to the next. nerdy and we so don’t care!

cooking // soup! and other crazy-easy recipes that are easy on my preggo tummy. 🙂

drinking // non-alcoholic wine. laugh all you want. also lots and lots of water. and iced tea. because always iced tea.

pinning // ALL the baby & house stuff. (FYI you can follow me on pinterest here!)

crafting // my vision board! seriously, it’s the cutest! check it out, and find out how to DIY your own super simple version here!

learning // how to soften around the people who make my heart want to get hard and all walled-up with protection and defense. it’s not easy. it’s not fun. I’m trusting it’s worth it.

going // out to coffee with new friends. J and I have gotten to meet SO many awesome couples, and just sit with them and share some sacred space. it’s been so sweet!

dreaming // of when my apartment is clean and everything is put away in its own place. sigh. it will happen. someday. eventually. maybe.

feeling // exhausted. and excited. and nervous. the exhaustion from this pregnancy has honestly blown me out of the water. the sheer weight of it has made me feel physically ill even though I haven’t had much morning sickness. but I’m excited and terrified all at the same time for the CRAZY changes happening this month ❤

listening // the head & the heart, birdtalker, and meredith andrews’ deeper are flooding my most-played charts right now!

celebrating // the small moments when we feel at home. sometimes they’re few and far between. sometimes they are the tiniest reasons. sometimes they blow us away. all of them are precious, because for a while we wondered if they would ever come. but oh so slowly, the PNW is starting to feel like a second place to call home.

check in next month, for OCTOBER’S MORIAH MONTHLY!!

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