Hey friends! I’m back with the second installment of the much-awaited mini-series on how to create your own vision board! If you missed the first post, just go here and give it a read before you continue on with this post. (trust me, it’s worth it!)

as for the rest of you- if you’ve finished all of the questionnaire, you’re READY to get started working on the actual, physical part of your vision board. are you excited? did you learn a TON about yourself from that awesome questionnaire? do you have a clearer idea of what your vision is and how it should play out?

so. good.


okay, here we go.

go grab that PSL (because it’s out now, y’all… although personally I’m still waiting on my salted caramel mocha to come back!!) and like a dozen new rolls of washi tape (because I know you’re just as obsessed with the stuff as I am), and get ready to rock your world and embellish your wall a bit. 🙂

there are virtually limitless ideas and ways to create your board, but I used probably the simplest method in the book.

here’s what I used to create my board:
white paper (the nice cardstock kind)
TONS of washi tape
my notebook containing all my answers from the questionnaire
pens/markers of varying sizes and durability
cute bunting
my phone (for inspiration!)
any photos or quotes from places like pinterest
vision board.jpg
washi tape.jpg

first, refresh your mind- go over all those answers! get that inspiration fresh! get those creative juices flowing & your heart in the right place!

second, start going through what materials you have to work with. kind of formulate in your mind what you want your board to look like.

third, mark out your “board space” with washi tape. I honestly just kind of free-handed it because I like to live on the edge. #YOLO. 😉 pick a space you’ll see every single day, preferably in the morning to start off the whole tone of your day. I chose a black and gold striped washi tape, and decided to place mine right beside our bedroom door- I’ll see it as soon as I wake up each morning!
washi tape2.jpg

fourth, hang whatever pretty extras you’ve got on hand- I had a cute little white bunting to hang, so I did that next.
fifth, start putting up all those inspiration items that are the core of your board (and your vision!!). here’s where it’s really fun. just go with the flow and put things where they feel right. feel free to leave a little extra room for more inspiration as you go!

I actually wrote out my words from that section of the questionnaire and put those right up there with everything else.

happy vision boarding!! 🙂

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