Creating a Vision Board // Part One

Have you seen these “vision boards” all over Pinterest?

with the intention of helping you to create a clear and driving vision for your personal relationships, career, or other vein of your life, vision boards have become quite popular among creative types, entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone looking to start fresh, determine their next direction, or start something new.

and vision boards can be AMAZING.

but they’re not worth much if you don’t know where to start.

so I’ve compiled a list of several questions- most written myself, some inspired by other blogs or self-evaluating questions- to ask yourself BEFORE creating a vision board. the purpose of these questions is to let you get to know yourself a little more in order to be more clear in creating a vision that is accurate for you personally.

here’s the important thing to remember- take your time & take it seriously. don’t answer too quickly, or give cop-out answers because you’re too afraid to dig deeper. soul-searching can be scary, yes, but so worth it!!

the questions are broken down into categories to make things a little easier and less tedious. so grab a journal and start jotting down your answers!

I suggest setting a timer (just pull out your smartphone!)  for at least 2 minutes per question. or you could do what I did and just write until you can’t think of anything else for each question- no overthinking, lots of getting your thoughts on paper. you’ll get a chance to look over them during the last section of questions!!

Happy soul-searching 😉


Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating a Vision Board

Am I fully present in day-to-day life? Why?
what makes me happy?
What do I believe about myself?
What exhaust me?
What is something I would be disappointed in my future self for if I did/didn’t let happen?
Am I ignoring my intuition in any area of my life?
Where is an area of my life in which I need to let go of something I am holding onto?

what do I love (hobbies)?
What am I curious about?
What gets my creative juices flowing?
When do I feel most empowered?
When was the most fulfilling time in my life? What made it so fulfilling?
Is there anything left unresolved or unfinished in my life?
Where in life am I procrastinating?
If you had to teach something, what would it be?

How am I mistreating my body or compromising my health?
How does my living space reflect me?
Do I have any unhealthy home life habits?
Is my health or home holding me back in some way?
How/how often do I spend time in self-care?

What are my biggest doubts/fears?
Am I ignoring truth I dislike?
What Bible stories take my breath away?
Am I overcomplicating something simple?
What is a lack of faith keeping me from?
Am I currently growing in my faith?
How am I tangibly involved with my faith?
What are my spiritual gifts?
What amazes me?

How do I struggle to express love?
Am I good at setting boundaries?
In what ways am I withholding from others?
What expectations do I set on my relationships that aren’t healthy?
How am I helping others be their best selves?
Am I harboring un-forgiveness?
Who am I afraid of?
Do I feel fulfilled in my relationships?

list some word that want you and your life to be defined by. these words should be descriptors that are a good assessment of what you want your life to look like, how you want people to feel when they come into contact with you, and how you want to feel about your life.

use the answers from the previous categories to get all the information and inspiration you need for this final section! this is where the pieces start to fit together!

What category most needs direction
(how can I seek out that direction that it needs?)

What is most distracting me from fully living?
(what are some ways I can eliminate those distractions?)

What/Who brings me closest to those ideal words I wrote down?
(how can I pursue/learn from that or them?)

How do I define a “good life”?
(what are some action steps I can take to move towards that?)

Where am I in need of healing?
(what are some ways I can commit to seek the healing I need?)

What is the “next right thing”?
(How will I get accountable for that next step?)

Would it still be worth it if I failed?

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