Softening your inner voice // how to be kind & firm with your heart

Well, guys, I’ll be honest with you. Today is not me at my personal best.

I mean, I guess that getting less than three hours of sleep (I love you little girl, but the insomnia you give me is a different story…) will do that to a person. I haven’t showered, I ran out of makeup halfway through doing my face, I’ve snapped at my husband twice this morning (sorry Sweetheart! I love you!), *almost* lost control of my breath and spiraled over things outside of my control, my toe is all bruised from running into a chair leg, and I’m decently sure that my hair is about 97% dry shampoo at this point.

Any ladies been there? Yup, raise that hand WAY up there.

It’s days like these where my guard is down, my heart is vulnerable, and my stance shaky. It’s these moments where it’s easy to go “oh, real genius move Moriah. What an idiot.” every time I screw up (which is a lot of times, by the way). It’s easy to lose my voice and replace it with this judgemental, mean, nasty one that feels like an uninvited, far too intimate, stranger- constantly condemning me… And others.

It’s days like these where it’s hard to say “No! Enough! I’m not going back to that bondage!” It’s hard to fight back when you’re already worn down. And yet, wonderfully and beautifully and the hardest thing of all… It’s days like these where we HAVE to fight back.

These are the important moments. The defining ones. These are the breaths that decide if you will choose to carry on and continue to bravely become, or if you’ll shrink back, allow your voice to be stolen, become a victim of your own subconscious.

Fight, sweet friend!

But how?

Glad you asked 🙂

Softening your inner voice

1.) be kind with yourself. You can’t fight fire with fire. You can’t fight the thing trying to convince you you’re less than if you stoop to being less than to combat it. Be kind with yourself, for heaven’s sake. Give a little grace- a little praise when you find a small victory, a little gentleness when you stumble. The becoming takes time.

2.) be firm with yourself. Don’t make excuses for backing down. Do not surrender your voice without a fight. Do not allow the precious territory of your heart to be plundered. Be kind always, but be firm as well. To yourself in the battle, and to others who invite you to participate in the things you’ve fought so hard to be free from.

Be a little softer. Be a little kinder. Stand firm.

I’m with you today.

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