menu plan… tuesday?

okay, I’ll calm down.

you guys.
I have something to tell you.


couldn’t stay calm. sorry (not sorry).
after almost three weeks without many of the things that make home feel like, well, home, the movers finally arrived, and our stuff is finally here. 🙂 and because I’m a crazy person and my life has been mostly in boxes for about a year, all but five boxes have been totally emptied, many a happy dance has been performed, and my dishwasher has gotten a workout.

don’t ask for pictures though. empty boxes does not mean tidy house 😀

seriously though, it’s practically felt like Christmas. (and you guys know how much I love Christmas!!) wheeeee!!!

so after we had spent a full day as human whirlwinds unpacking and cleaning and loading & unloading the dishwasher, I decided I was just about done with eating out (that’s what three weeks of no pots and pans will do to you). and I’m not gonna lie… the process of creating a menu plan made me virtually giddy.

I’ve missed our weekly food chats, guys. 🙂

I won’t show you a normal week (I do actually plan on posting my menus on Mondays again.), but here’s just a little taste (HAHAHA) of what the coming week will bring regarding food. I’m so excited!

(go here for the printable!)

tuesday //
creamy chicken and veggie pasta bowl & cornbread
wednesday // shepherd’s pie
thursday // rosemary lemon chicken & smashed potatoes
friday // spaghetti with texas toast & salad
saturday // (out with friends)
sunday // chicken & apple stuffed pitas with glazed carrots
monday // taco potatoes
taco potatoes.jpg
((shown: taco potatoes))

and because I’m just really really excited…

wednesday // leftovers
thursday // loaded sweet potato fries
friday // leftover chicken & salad
saturday // soup & salad
sunday // grilled cheese & creamy tomato soup
monday // out & about

enjoy your week, everybody!

I know I will 😉

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