reading rut? 10 short books of the Bible that are 4 chapters or less

ever been in a reading rut?

in my quiet times, I often read through full books of the Bible over the course of weeks or months. the problem is, sometimes I don’t really think ahead, and then I get stuck when I’m done with one book and don’t know which one to start next. I know I can’t be alone in this!

each of these 10 books is 4 chapters or less; that’s a 2-4 day reading commitment (depending on how you like to study), so you have some time to think about what book you’d like to study next, while still getting in the Word daily.

10 super short books of the Bible.jpg

if you’re interested in learning how to journal IN your Bible as you read, go here!

for now, here are the 10 super short books of the Bible you can go read right now 🙂 

book: RUTH
# of chapters: 4
drama, romance, death, and bravery (not to mention a bold woman lead)- who needs TV when the real stuff is right under your nose in the best book ever written?

book: JONAH
# of chapters: 4
sure, you heard the story of “the guy who got swallowed by the big fish” when you were growing up, but have you ever actually dug into the book of the Bible?

# of chapters: 3
now that’s a mouthful 🙂 this is a good book for the times you’re asking “why” and don’t get what’s happening in your life. Habakkuk’s question was basically “why do bad things happen to good people?” read the answer for yourself.


# of chapters: 4
one of my forever favorites. the final book of the old testament- and the last word from God to His people for over 200 years! this one deals with religion vs. what’s actually in your heart- a call to authentic worship (and a harsh word for those “going through the motions“) that we’re still in need of today.

book: TITUS
# of chapters: 3
the great apostle Paul wrote this letter to his apostle-in-training. here you’ll find the basic advice for living like Jesus that loosens the chains of spiritual bondage and helps us act practically for the Kingdom.

# of chapters: 1
short and sweet (not even a full page!), this is yet another letter from Paul to one of his “students”.


book: 2 PETER
# of chapters: 3
bold and brash Peter doesn’t sugar-coat the truth. so if you need a bit of a wake-up call, his no-excuses instruction to keep your guard up and continue to walk the talk as we live in this crazy world, could be exactly what you need.

book: 2 & 3 JOHN
# of chapters: each less than 16 verses
1 John is only 5 chapters, so I’d dig in there, too, but his 2nd and 3rd books stand on their own powerfully as well. these short & consice reminders to walk in love, speak in truth, and imitate Jesus make the perfect start to a long, hard day.

book: JUDE
# of chapters: 1
nope, not like the Beatles’ song 😉 there’s a wealth of instruction in this little book on how to recognize false doctrine and persevere in the faith, and it ends with some of the most beautiful praises in all of Scripture. at least that’s what I think. go check it out for yourself!

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