10 ways to embrace the homesickness

I’m homesick.

and by that I mean… like, killer homesick of doom. that’s not even proper grammar. I don’t even care. but really, guys, it’s no joke. and the thing about homesickness is… you can’t fight it. it doesn’t work. it will only come back with a vengeance and leave you crying into your popcorn during a FRIENDS marathon. (no, that’s never happened to me, why do you ask…?)

the only way to get through it, is well, to go THROUGH it. which sucks, sure, but embracing the homesickness and owning it for what it is, is much better than trying to power through and continue to get beaten down.


so, for what it’s worth, 10 ways to embrace the homesickness.

1.) see their faces
skype, facetime, facebook video chat… however works for you, get yourself in front of a camera and talk face-to-face. with ALL the people. often. having a schedule for a once-a-week chat with your best friend or mom gives you something to look forward to all the days in-between. ❤

2.) talk about it
tell someone how you feel. tell them how much it sucks and just how sad you are. holding in all the negative feelings only lets them mull around inside of you… and often makes things seem worse than they are.

3.) a local piece of home
there is a Chick fil A 45 minutes away from our new place. while it might seem silly, our local CFA was one of our favorite places to frequent back home… since long before we were married! J and I have decided that once a month, we’ll make the trek out to the tacoma, washington CFA on his day off to remind us of home and have a great “east-coast” time together. 🙂

4.) pictures. pictures. pictures.
my mom and I have started sending each other TONS of pictures via text. her new dress that I couldn’t go out with her to find? picture of that. when we discovered we could toast marshmallows in our fireplace. picture of that. when my baby bump had a growth spurt. picture of that. when she missed my face and just needed to see me? picture of that. document everything with your phone’s camera and text it to your special people back home. they might just feel a teensy bit closer. ❤

5.) bring home to your house
bring a little home into your new space… hang a photo of your dearest friends, make some homemade art celebrating where you’re from, wear your hometown/state team jersey around the house (or out in public!), whip up a dinner from your family’s recipe book, or play a song that reminds you of home. don’t deny yourself the comfort that home is all about… just bring it with you.

6.) send letters
you know what’s weird? I miss my parents’ handwriting. it was everywhere back home… the grocery list, my dad’s sermon notes… ask your friends and fam to send you letters (the old fashioned way!) and keep those letters handy for when you need a little boost.

7.) exchange “tourist” packages
use your five senses to send your loved ones back home a little snapshot of life in your new place! cookies from the local bakery, a photo of you at the tourist sights, a CD of some local music, a cute scarf from a mom&pop shop, and a candle or potpourri with a fitting name (ex: “sea breeze” if you live by the beach). have them send you the same… but from home! they get to experience your new chapter of life; you get your favorite feelings from home.

8.) go full-on tourist
you might even get the opportunity to do this while making your tourist package! get the full experience of what your new area has to offer with a tourist-y “staycation” in your new city or town. go to the museums, visit the “top-rated” local dive, and just have fun with it! don’t forget to take all those photos for your peeps back home! 😉

9.) take a wallow day
if you haven’t already, take a day and just let yourself be a little (or a lot) sad. cry if you need to, watch your favorite shows, pinterest everything you can find about your home state/city/town, drink some tea, light some candles, consider calling your hometown’s local pizza place to see if they’d deliver outside their normal delivery radius… okay waaaay outside their normal delivery radius (too much?). and then go to bed, get some rest, and wake up the next morning ready to tackle the day.

10.) remember what’s important
a while ago, whether it was a few years or a few generations, your hometown wasn’t your family’s hometown. someone had to move there and make it home, so that people like you could have something as special and beautiful as “home”. home is what you make it (cheesy, I know). and while there will always be those days when you want to go back, there will also be days where you’ll be proud of what you’ve built here, happy to live in this place, and amazed that you’ve found a bit of home… far from home. 🙂

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