moriah currently // family surprise & moving update

J and I have a surprise for you!

over the past two months, as so many things have been up in the air and so many changes have happened (and are still happening!), divine Love decided we needed yet one more…


yep… we’re having a baby!

baby A, or affectionately Little Fox, is scheduled to arrive on January 31st…

but if we’re passing on anything, it’s probably our likeliness to be late, so I’m not counting on a January baby 😉


also… Little Fox is a GIRL! 🙂

we are so so terrified, still in shock, excited to welcome our little girl in early 2017. she’s already so very loved, even from oh so far away. (sorry, east coast grandparents, aunts, and uncles!)

not gonna lie, it’s been good to finally just BE out of the car and here (even if here means living at starbucks until we get wifi & our coffee maker arrives). I’m glad to meet all the people and see our apartment…but that doesn’t mean I’m not counting down the days until I get to fly back to the good ol’ east coast to shoot a wedding, see my family, and get to attend my baby shower in September.

moving is HARD, and I won’t sugar coat it. I’ve had about three major breakdowns since we arrived on thursday, and thought multiple times “this isn’t home… I just want to go home…”. it’s nearly impossible to believe that just because you’re ready for something doesn’t mean it won’t still be brutally hard. doesn’t mean it won’t pierce your heart in a thousand places and cause you to cry more tears than you knew you had. the hope is in that I know I’m walking the Jesus path in moving here, and that slowly slowly slowly that pain will ebb, and the joy will settle in.

things that help?
-several hour long phone conversations with my mom
– cuddles with J
– blogging

here’s to change and growth and the painful, beautiful becoming.

13 thoughts on “moriah currently // family surprise & moving update

      1. Whoops *month ha my brain is not all too with it lately! Hopefully mine are too! I keep having dreams that it’s a boy, so I’m getting really excited 😊 It’s just a shame that I have to wait for so long to find out! I’m getting impatient already haha.

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      2. are you getting the blood test done? it checks for issues in the baby’s blood, but they can tell if it’s a boy or a girl. You can do that anytime after 10 weeks- that’s how I found out!


      3. I think I am! We have a dual test for abnormalities which is an ultrasound and a blood test. Is that the one you’re talking about or is it something different? I walked through the kids section at a store today and I was just like 😍 Still some days that I can’t believe that I’m actually pregnant! Haha.


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