brutal, belabored BECOMING

I love long chats that have unexpected twists and turns. I love iced tea in the summer heat and the bitter-sweetness of lasts. I love gentle and deep questioning and becoming and adventures of the soul with a similar heart. I love those well-spoken and perfectly-chosen words that soak deep and fast into my spongy heart. I love that I got to drink all of this in this afternoon with a lady who is quickly becoming a fast friend.

here’s the battle, friends:

what happens when you no longer feel able to participate in and subscribe to the things you once did?

when you break out on your own, trek into new spaces, discover the old and glorious truths that never made sense before?

when you unveil the new breath in your lungs to a world not ready for the shining brilliance on your face- like Moses’ face when he came down from the presence of the Lord?

when you are in the constant state of brutal, belabored BECOMING… the place where you are discovering the true design created in you and beginning to feel out this new skin that fits better, gentler, less constricting?

when you finally feel like you belong inside yourself… and suddenly feel like you belong nowhere else?

when you don’t understand how they don’t understand because the revelation and truth is so deeply ingrained in your very soul?

this is for you, sweet soul. I am for you. He is for you.


in this sweet and soaring transitioning that is allowing you freedom in grace, freedom in personality, freedom to be who you were designed to be without the bondage of self-judgement and condemnation.

this is such a beautiful space- one I’m sitting in. one I’m breathing into. one I’m living and working and learning in.

because your right and your must-do as a child of God is to walk faithfully in who you are called to be… in your own unique design. in your own perfect origin which He so diligently delights in. anything less than living as your full self, in all that you are uniquely and personally crafted to be under His blood, is fake and fraudulent and works-righteousness and an embarrassment of grace

it is only in the active becoming of you in your original design, that original perfection you were designed as in the garden, that you can best bear the image of the Divine (read all about that here & here). it’s only in your rawest version of you that He best shines and you are most fulfilled.

and the best part? In Christ & through His blood you are already everything you need to be. your original design is in you, buried under lies and pride and the bondage of the expectations of others. you’re not desperately reaching to grasp some far-off hope. who you are meant to be has been wired into the very fabric of who you are, and now your act of worship is found simply in becoming who you actually are. it’s stripping away all the things that don’t reflect Divine love. it’s getting rid of the lies you’ve believed and the false doctrine that has enslaved you under judgement instead of setting you free under mercy. it’s tracking down and killing the sin nature and tearing through strongholds in your heart, because that’s not what true freedom allows.


this is the Jesus-walk.

not a church full of drones, but a family full of individuals who uniquely reflect the beauty of their Creator & Lover of souls.

not a single way to follow, but a million different and beautiful souls skipping, running, walking, mingling together, and outstretching their hands to the entrenched and broken, in a great migration towards Home. 

it is your choice. you are ready. become.

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