how to make life less sucky when you’re crazy busy

let’s just be real guys.

when we get too busy, everything becomes a blur of checklists, schedules, meetings, getting things done, disorganization, chaos, family world wars, atomic bombs… waitno. mostly just checklists and schedules. but seriously, as the speed of life picks up, I end up feeling like I’m in the middle of a race I didn’t realize was happening, and I’m all out of breath and miserable and confused. (it ain’t pretty)

and right now, with less than four weeks to pack up and move cross country, you could say I’m stressed worried nervous in a total panic. so, believe me… I need this post as much as you do. let’s take a deep breath and read on.

here are a few ways to make that out-of-breath chaos a little less sucky while you’re living it…

1.) give yourself a time-out
while generally time outs are associated with mischievous toddlers (or, you know, normal toddlers), sometimes we all need a couple minutes to simply get our bearings and take a deep breath. so set that iphone timer for 10 minutes, shut and lock the door, and just breathe for a second. pay attention to that breath in your body, and focus on just how it feels to breathe instead of letting your mind loose on all the things you have to do. I went full yogi on you with the breath. sorry not sorry. thank me later.

2.) write a verse or truth on your arm
it really helps to have truth and encouragement literally spelled out for you on your own skin sometimes. since middle school, this has been a standard coping method for me. so pull out the sharpie or the pen and get writing! throughout the day your eyes will drift towards those pen marks (half the time just because you’re thinking ‘what the what is on my arm?!’), and you’ll then be reminded of what you’ve needed to be focusing on all along! it’s like an encouraging sticky note that’s impossible to lose! (mine currently is “Lord, I cannot, but you can.” which a fellow holy yogi so graciously posted on her facebook page.)


3.) drink more water
seriously guys. it’s so silly and simple, but it makes a difference. and the more you do it, the easier it gets! half the time, I’m grouchy or tired simply because I’m dehydrated. so pound back those water bottles, busy lady! (especially if you chug your coffee like the world is running out of it. gotta even it out, girl.) if you find water boring, get one of those cool bottles that lets you diffuse fruit into it. they’re not even that pricey at places like TJ Maxx!

4.) be silly for a minute
we get soooo serious (the Joker, anyone?) when we’re stressed. I swear, I’m more guilty of this than any other human alive. I cannot take a joke when I’m freaking out. so set that iphone timer for 5 more minutes, find your favorite hilarious youtube video, and play the crap out of it. let yourself laugh! not only does laughing actually make you feel better, it releases all those tight muscles.

5.) stretch it out
speaking of tight muscles… most of us spend our days plunking away at a computer keyboard or hunched over taking notes. either way, we’re all hunkered forward, head down, shoulders slumped. this is a killer for the neck, shoulders, back, and chest. STRETCH. IT. OUT.
try this: roll the shoulders back and down away from the ears. stretch your arms above your head, clasp your hands, and slowly lean from side to side, opening up the sides of your body. gently roll your head in a circle. clasp your hands behind you, and push forward with the chest and ribs to open the heart.
it only takes a couple moments, but you’ll feel so much less sluggish and grumpy when your body is awake and limber! you can stretch your body every hour or so for a mini energy & mood boost!

sometimes I have to do these things multiple times to keep from just losing it. but just remember: grace is enough. and there is more than enough grace.

go & make life less sucky! 😉

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