This teeny tiny Avrick fam is about to have a massive (like, really huge) yard sale, pack all the crap that’s left into boxes, and have a literal cross-country road trip…

We’re moving to Washington state.

I mean, can you even? After a whole lot of heartache, and over a year of wondering and praying, post-occurrence of the Incident That Shall Not Be Named, Joey FINALLY has his dream job. And in one of the neatest spots in the US to boot! It makes my heart sing to think that someone else in the position to hire sees in Joey the rich faith & talent that I see everyday. That is priceless, I’m telling you.

Here’s another thing- I’m legitimately terrified. So that’s cool. Like, I’m losing my freakin’ mind. My entire life looks like these two binders & notebooks now:

Also roadtrippers.com is slowly becoming one of my favorite Internet sites of all time. (Thank you Jesus!) We are desperately trying to find an apartment and get everything done in the four very short weeks we have before we’ve got to be over 2,000 miles away from our families, friends, and the good old East coast where we’ve spent all our lives. (Though I can’t say I’ll be ready to trade the Washington mountains for Maryland humidity anytime soon). 

It’s really kind of horrifying, as well as beautiful, and it’s difficult to sit and breathe and enjoy these last moments here, instead of blindly rushing to desperately get everything done. It’s all happening so fast, and that makes it tough to swallow.

In the meantime, I’m holy-yoga-ing all over the place and just trying to make time to be still and soak it all in- the wonderful, the fear, the downright hilarious. We are continuing to choose the belief that God’s fingerprints litter the surface of what we see, and that GOODNESS is in store for our hearts, no matter how far away or lonely we feel.

You can follow us on Instagram (untidygraceblog); we will be using the hashtag #Avricksonthemove to make sure our adventures are easy to keep track of!

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