the only thing that should matter to Christians about the Orlando Massacre

My heart hurts.

it hurts because over a hundred men and women were maimed or brutally killed this past weekend.
it hurts because these were people… people with souls and parents and loved ones and beating hearts.

I’m scared, too.

I’m scared because the hatred for the LGBTQ community that fueled this killing is one that is present and so vaguely masked by pretended “holiness” and “righteousness” in our churches.
I’m scared because I know people who say ugly things born out of that hatred.
I’m scared because it’s obvious that we the church have no idea how to actually act like Christ as opposed to making a hobby out of turning differences into hatred.

It’s obvious in the comments I see on facebook that turn this sacred time of mourning and weeping and grieving into a religious battle or political war-ground.

don’t be foolish.


With it [our tongue] we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. //James 3:9//

because, and please listen carefully, claiming to follow Jesus doesn’t make you the only one who matters.

you aren’t the one and only who bears the image of God.

we all bear the image of God, and that is what takes death from sadness to utter tragedy. that is the cause of grief and horror. that is the source of unbelievable pain…

that one human would so carelessly scratch the image of our God from the earth… that one person would be so hopelessly deep in hatred of God that they cannot bear the sight of even a flicker of His presence.

Because yes… the image of God goes to gay bars. and the image of God gets drunk. and the image of God deletes their computer history. and the image of God lies to their husband about what that $100 was spent on. and the image of God sins.

But it’s still sacred. It’s still good. It’s still THERE.

And I wish you could see my face as I write this because there are tears in my eyes, and my fingers are dashing across the keyboard, and I’m not stopping for a breath, because this is SO IMPORTANT.

can you say that your heart is torn for the image of God that was slaughtered without a second thought…?

no, I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, and guess what? right now that doesn’t matter.

this is a time for mourning. get on your knees. hold up your hands. rend the heavens. search your heart. ask the Father to search it. demolish any stronghold of hatred.

there is no place for that here.

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