Creating Positive Triggers

for those of us whose life stories contain chapters of mental illness or trauma, triggers are a terrifying part of everyday life. it’s like your life is a jack-in-the-box that keeps getting rewound. you’re not sure when it’s going to pop out at you, dragging you back to that point in time you were most vulnerable, most taken advantage of, but you know it’s there… waiting… and the fear of it can keep you from living your life.

it feels rather unfair, that something you survived and lived through should then be allowed to haunt you, to surprise you, to not let you forget. but it is a scar, and though they fade they don’t disappear. I’m right there with you, friend.

but let’s take a step back real quick.

here’s the definition of a trigger:

(used with object)
to initiate or precipitate (a chain of events, scientific reaction, psychological process, etc.)
so, as you can see, even though it is overwhelmingly used to describe a person, place, thing, word, situation, (etc, etc…) that ignites a negative process or chain of events… there’s no rule that says that has to be the case.
but what if we started combating this with like firepower?
what if we started creating our own positive triggers?
positive triggersc
I realize this might be a new concept to some of you. it’s not really something that I’ve ever heard of either. it just kind of came to me during my yoga flow a few days ago, and it stuck. it won’t leave my head, and I just can’t lose the idea that this could be something so big in my life.

here’s my theory 😉
just as we all have this storehouse of pain & ugly emotions we prefer not to have awakened without warning, we also each have a storehouse of beautiful feelings & memories that can be really healing to return to and let ourselves relive or spring forth from. 🙂 these special places in our hearts are the places where healing blossoms from to touch the not-so-lovely and teach it to love & trust & heal. this is where the courage comes from. it’s where the hope resides.

so here’s my question: why not harness it? why not give ourselves the option of opening up that sacred space of joy when we’re assaulted by the opposite? why not call in the emotional back up of positive triggers?

the song you danced to with your sweetheart at your wedding.
the journal entry from the day you decided to seek help and empower yourself.
the photo of you when you beat cancer.

the song that makes you want to pick up your fists and whoop the thing standing in your way.
the wristband from the music festival you attended.
the oils that make you feel powerful and full of hope.

the Bible verse that speaks hope into your soul.
the certificate you earned from all that hard studying, that reminds you YOU ARE ABLE.
what is it for you?
these photos are just a few of mine. ❤
Moriah + Joey_391
collect those precious positive triggers. put them in a box. this is your treasure. this is your reminder that you’re going to be okay, because look how far you’ve come. this is your battle cry when the arrows fly.
I’ll be fighting with you.

4 thoughts on “Creating Positive Triggers

  1. Beautiful post Moriah. I stumbled upon your blog this past weekend. Thank you for being so transparent. I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2009 and am currently adding the 95 hour Holy Yoga certification to my credentials. I am throughly enjoying every bit of it, especially the community. Posts like this help others in so many ways. Keep doing what you do.

    In Christ,

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  2. Can I like this a thousand times over again? I deal with major anxiety and things that trigger me to feel sad and hopeless. I’ve never thought to turn that around and find happy triggers. Absolutely, love the idea. Thank you

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