25 semi-productive things to do on a rainy day

ever since I got back from Arizona (more on that later!), it has been raining. constantly. I’m told that’s what it did the whole time I was gone, too. (sorry, guys, but I was frolicking in sunshine!)

and while I actually don’t mind the rain, sometimes being inside for long periods of time without a plan or to-do list can drive me a little batty and leave me feeling slightly claustrophobic.

who’s with me?!

well, for your reading pleasure, here are 25 (semi) productive things to do on a rainy day (or week… or month… because seriously)

rainy day graphic

1.) paint your nails
2.) do that load of laundry you’ve been putting off (or if you’re like me, fold all the laundry that you’ve already done and is piled on your bed)
3.) bake something delicious (or bake something and fail at it. either way it’s fun & cozy, am I right?)
4.) organize your junk drawer** (or junk shelf)
5.) clear out your email inbox
6.) hold a solo dance party (because I said SEMI productive)
7.) practice yoga
8.) throw out any sock that doesn’t have a match
9.) start making a summer bucket list
10.) get some reading done
11.) do homework/paperwork/etc. (it had to be said)
12.) sit in a coffee shop and watch the rain
13.) call your mom/grandma/friend
14.) get a head start on work/chores you have to do later in the week
15.) write a blog post
16.) journal/read your Bible
17.) start putting together a photo album (I love using shutterfly.com!)
18.) clean out your winter clothes
19.) creep on your favorite blogs (nice head start 😉 )
20.) work on a hobby
21.) take a bubble bath
22.) get on youtube and find a fun tutorial
23.) clean out your purse/bag/wallet (aka get rid of the practically empty mini lotions and gift card with 37 cents left on it.)
24.) practice your handwriting or start hand-lettering
25.) light some candles and drink tea by the window

GET ON IT, guys 🙂 make this rainy day the best one yet!

(**footnote: I originally accidentally wrote drunk jawer here, which I thought was hilarious enough to make a note of)

3 thoughts on “25 semi-productive things to do on a rainy day

    1. Haha! That’s kind of a silly thing to say… 🙂 I’m a photographer and now a yoga instructor. I’d call those real jobs if you ask me! Plus, lots of people have jobs where they work totally different or wacky hours (aka not during the day) or have a different day of the week off. Not everyone’s life looks the same!


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