Holy Yoga Instructor Training Retreat // pray for me

some of you have asked how you can be praying for me as I embark on the final leg of this journey. let me say: THANK YOU. you caring for me in that way is just overwhelming and amazing ❤

(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read all about the incredible story that lead me to my calling here.)

HOYO sdkflahdif

you know… that I’ll get on the right plane and the right time. that I’ll find the people I need to find in the places I need to find them. that I’ll be able to lift my carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment without killing myself. the basics. I leave just after 5pm Saturday the 30th. I return Mother’s Day afternoon.
**pray for the travel of the other 180+ ladies & men who will be traveling as well**

the enemy knows I’m called to this, and the fear & nerves are setting in, y’all. pray that I will be at peace in knowing I have a GOOD GOOD FATHER who has called me and prepared me for this. pray that my anxiety will not flare up.

pray that our small group (about 8) will gel really well and just be super unified. pray that we will truly feel like family. pray for the entire group, as well.

our amazing teachers will be under spiritual heavy fire, and we need to pray that they will be filled with the Spirit and overcome with His love for us students. pray that they will have patience with us, and that we will be able to understand clearly what they have outlined for us.

pray for my spiritual relationship with Jesus, and that it will grow and thrive over the coming week ❤

I am feeling ALL. THE. THINGS. terror. excitement. fear. thrill. hope. all. the. things. the emotions are a little overwhelming just in the sheer number of them and the rush as they all crash over me. it’s easy to get caught up in it all. pray that my anxiety & depression will be overcome and washed away in the presence of Jesus.


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