mother-daughter dates (for moms with grown-up daughters)

I love my mama.

Moriah + Joey_140.JPG

the two of us are very different people, but over the years we have refined our relationship through the good and the bad, and we have become close friends as family, as women, and as mother and daughter.


one of the things I cherish most in this world are the days I get to spend with her… doing nothing, doing errands, going on adventures or going out just to try out the local bakery or coffee shop.

I thought it might be fun to compile a short list of mom-approved AND daughter-approved mother-daughter dates for moms of older daughters. maybe she’s in those later high school years, married, off ruling her career, or chasing kiddos… whatever the case, there’s never a better time to reconnect with your daughter than RIGHT NOW. ❤ 

1.) farmers’ market trip
for a night owl like me, getting up early is only worth it for a truly awesome experience. a good farmers’ market visit with my mama fits the bill! whether you decide to roadtrip to a famous one (like in Lancaster, PA) or visit the one in your town, the bonding of scouring through local fruits and veggies, grabbing a coffee, and seeing new and unusual sights, is definitely one for the books. don’t forget your canvas tote for lugging all those fresh goodies back to the car! bonus: get all the ingredients you need, take them home, and try a new recipe together!!

mom and me

2.) scrapbooking day
this is something my mama and I used to do often. it’s so fun to look over some of your favorite memories together… while creating new ones!! 🙂 plus, any chance to get creative and bounce great ideas off each other is a recipe for learning how to better communicate in a fun and nonthreatening environment that you’ll both enjoy… plus you’ll get some super cute scrapbook pages out of it, so…. 😉

3.) bookstore & coffee date
there are so many great things to do at a bookstore. naturally, the most straightforward would be to get a book or two and read at a table, but you can also embark on a bookstore scavenger hunt, teamed up or as a race! or find a book that reminds you of the other person. or search for a book to read together over the course of a month/year. so many books, so little time! definitely don’t forget the coffee! **thanks for the great idea Lisa Harris**

4.) explore the outdoors
take a long nature walk (or hike!) and appreciate the beauty all around you, as well as in your awesome lifelong friend ❤ bonus points for bringing a camera along to capture it all (you can always scrapbook it later!) **this great idea came from Toni Cary**

5.) hobby swap!
do you and your daughter/mama have different hobbies? spend the day teaching one another your own! she’ll learn yoga or all the lyrics to your fave T-Swift song, and then you’ll finally figure out how to solve a sudoku puzzle… or begin learning to knit. you’ll gain new appreciation for one another’s talents and grow a little closer in the process!

6.) classic cozy sleepover
grab that netflix movie you’ve both been dying to see, stock up on your favorite candy and junk food, make sure you have on your coziest pj’s, and don’t forget the nail polish. even if you two have almost nothing in common, you’re both still women who can appreciate a good flick and  enjoy a fresh coat of paint on your toes! snuggle close in a pile of blankets, and let the feature film begin! (and of course, no boys allowed!)

7.) road trip
the best thing about this date, is that it can be as long or as short as you need it to be. if you only have a half an hour, but there are too many people in your house driving you crazy, hop in the car for a spin (or two, or seven) around the block while you spend some quality time together. or drive cross-country for a week of solid girl-time! whatever suits your fancy! **Michelle Kieser thought of this great idea!**
road trip

8.) plan & dream
whether it’s the next family vacation, a wedding, a baby shower, or even just next week’s schedule, stay up to date on each others’ lives and play a part in them, too, by planning together and letting yourselves dream a little. 🙂 you’d be amazed at how much preparing for something big, like a daughter’s wedding, will pull the two of you closer together!

9.) day at the mall (shopping & lunch)
you don’t have to spend a lot to have a great time at the mall! save up all your best coupons to your favorite stores, take photos in the cute little photo booths, share a milkshake in the food court, try all the free samples you’re offered… this is especially fun if you two have birthdays close to one another! there’s just 13 days between my birthday and my mom’s, so a fun outing to lunch and our favorite shops is the perfect in-between-birthdays gift to each other! **this great idea was thought up by Michele Avrick**

10.) explore your quirky local town
we live less than an hour from both national harbor, and old town alexandria. filled with one-of-a-kind shops, old brick buildings, street performers, and beautiful scenery, we could wander old town for hours and hours! there is always something new to see, and it’s always fun to revisit old favorites each time you return. something about escaping to quaint charm is good for the soul… and the mother-daughter relationship! 😉 giggles

have fun enjoying time with each other, moms & daughters!
here’s to endless giggles, hilarious selfies, and precious days together ❤

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