road trip essentials

who loves a good road trip?

(uh, ME!)

seriously, a fun road trip with my hubby is among my favorite things on earth. lots of quality time, some good music, tasty snacks, and of course lots of hand-holding. ❤ does it even get better than that?

however, as much fun as a good road trip can be, it can also get stressful trying to remember everything you need to take along the way! am I right, or am I right?

no worries!
hubby & I are heading away for the weekend, and its an almost 7 hour drive. so I’m here to show you how we’ve planned for our trip! 🙂

I like to pack 4 separate bags (don’t run away!). no, not 4 suitcases, 4 bags.
1.) handbag or purse
2.) easy-reach tote
3.) cooler
4.) suitcase

here’s how it works!

1.) the handbag
I like to get a big one, with lots of room for storage, like this one from Charming Charlie. then, inside goes a few smaller bags and important items I don’t want to lose.
what’s inside:
zipper bag with cleanliness essentials– mini shampoo & conditioner, mini face wash, lotion, deodorant, perfume, advil, band-aid, any pills or medications, essential oils, chapstick, toothbrush & toothpaste
zipper pouch with makeup
pencil case with– pens, pencils, colored pencils, etc.
altoids or gum

compact mirror
clear nail polish (it fixes runs in pantyhose, just to name one thing!)

phone charger (and any other charger I may need)
something to keep you entertained (coloring book? novel?)
hand sanitizer (always hooked to the outside of my purse!)

money for tolls!!

voila! your handbag is packed!! I keep mine at my feet during the entire trip, just in case of emergencies.

2.) easy reach tote
here’s where you put the snacks and the bulkier necessities that just aren’t practical to put in a handbag. 🙂 I snagged this super cute one from Target for just $3!!
what’s inside:
junky snacks (we love chex mix & goldfish!)
granola bars
peanut butter to go packs
any fruit that doesn’t need to be refrigerated
sparkling water
plastic silverware

snacks & bulkier essentials? done! check! easy-peasy!

3.) cooler
here’s where you tuck away any more perishable items that you’ll want along your trip- possibly to make lunch along the way so you don’t have to stop, or to transport something all the way to your destination

here’s what we put in ours:
lunch meat
cheese sticks
carrot sticks

extra bottled water
freezer pack to keep cold

other goodies:
a book recording for the whole car to listen to
a great playlist
any coupons for places to eat out (I have my cfa calendar card for free drinks this month!)
list of things to do & see at your destination
car games

happy road tripping, friends!!

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