25 things to do for a sweeter spring

it’s March already, and the sweet whisper of 70 degree weather is just around the corner! I believe the craziness that is this winter calls for a celebration of spring this year.

so here are 10 things you can do to make this spring even sweeter ❤

1.) paint your nails a pastel color.

2.) make pretty & glittery Easter eggs. (find the DIY tutorial here)
glitter eggs.jpg

3.) wear florals! and lace! and sundresses!

4.) try your coffee iced, instead of hot, for a change.

5.) eat your lunch outside.

6.) rid your closet of any unworn winter clothes.

7.) start a new book.

8.) try your hand at a watercolor DIY. (find this pillow version here!)

9.) eat fruit for a snack.

10.)…and smoothies for breakfast.

11.) get a pedicure at a salon.

12.) take a long walk at a park you haven’t explored.

13.) go wine tasting.

14.) wear flowers in your hair.
Moriah + Joey_082.JPG

15.) take a mini road trip to a nearby city.

16.) try a new recipe.

17.) watch the clouds while having a picnic.

18.) wear coral lipstick.

19.) shop at a farmer’s market & go yardsale-ing

20.) visit the zoo.

21.) play in the rain & splash in puddles after it’s done raining.

22.) make your own lemonade. like, with actual lemons… not that powdered stuff.

23.) try horseback riding.

24.) color with sidewalk chalk.

25.) spend lots of time with the people you love… and document your spring with a scrapbook. ❤

what else are you going to do this spring?

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