Birthday Wish List

Have you ever watched how I met your mother?

You know the episode where it’s Lily’s birthday, and she’s like over-the-moon excited, and Marshall is also so excited that he goes super over the top for her?

its my birthday.gif

I am both of those people.

for my birthday AND everyone else’s. I can hardly sleep the night before J’s birthday! and forget my own…

I just love birthdays okay?!

(by the way, that midnight crown for the birthday girl thing is pretty sweet, babe *hint*) 😉

and since the countdown to my birthday has TOTALLY begun in my head already (t-minus 27 days), I figured I’d share with you guys my ultimate dream birthday wish list!

birthday wish list graphic

1.) Madewell leather shopper tote. ugh. I cannot even. it’s just so darn gorgeous. (and perfect for stashing all my necessities on my flight to AZ later in the spring!)

2.) himalayan salt lamp. these genius little guys are packed full of healthy goodness that gets released into the air when the salt becomes hot from the lightbulb. plus they’re beautiful to look at and calming to have turned on, especially towards evening!

3.) mexican blanket. for yoga, for its prettiness, for all of the above. I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys for a while, and now more than ever in my yoga practice as I attempt to recover from this abdomen injury!

4.) frankincense essential oil. the magical oil that is supposedly the cure all for emotional distress, and a huge lifesaver for those who suffer from anxiety & depression. I would love to try this out and see if it helps my own symptoms!

5.) jamberry nail wraps in “sculpted”. if you’ve never heard of jamberry, go check them out here! it’s an awesome company that sells style for your nails that lasts for WEEKS. and I can’t get over this particular design ❤

6.) london scented candle by tom dixon. I can’t get over the gorgeous copper packaging & the classy air it exudes 🙂

7.) agate slice coasters. in any color. they’re all so BEAUTIFUL. I’m on a major gem & agate kick right now in design, and these gold-rimmed beauties would be so lovely on a wooden coffee table!

8.) I love Jesus but I cuss a little v-neck tee. if you’ve read this blog post of mine, you’ll understand why I love this soft & neutral graphic statement tee!

9.) coffee & grace mug. I can just see myself typing away on here sipping coffee from this glorious mug!! and what a great reminder that I can do nothing without grace ❤ plus, it’s from etsy, so you’ll be supporting a great small business! find it here!!

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