the untidy grace guide to surviving winter

I’m pretty much done with winter after January.

like, the charm is getting a little old.

I get excited and caught up in the magic and silence when the snow starts falling, but once it’s fallen and I have to drive in slush and I can’t feel my fingers… nope.


however! I think it’s important not to simply sit around whining about the cold and griping as we wait for spring. so here’s my very own personal guide to surviving winter, (with a printable bucket list for the season, because I just love you that much!).


here are 27 ways to not just survive… but enjoy winter:

1.) bake & decorate cookies
one of the most fun things you can do either by yourself, or with others!
2.) host a cocoa bar party
and use this heavenly recipe 🙂
3.) read a whole book
don’t want to splurge on something you’re not sure you’ll love? that is why libraries exist. in fact, go get a library card, if you don’t have one.
4.) try a new recipe
preferably something super cozy
5.) have a movie marathon
obviously with a bottomless supply of popcorn
6.) create your own holiday
and actually register it here or here
7.) have a sleepover
like you used to when you were thirteen. snacks and sleeping bags mandatory.
8.) start a journal 
if you’re new to it, visit this page or this one for tips!!
9.) make a cute DIY pillow
perfect for snuggle during these short winter days! learn how to make yours for less than $15 (and with pretty much a one step process!) here.
10.) send someone a care package
focusing on someone else = instant relief from your own whining
11.) rearrange your furniture
and get a new outlook and lifted spirits
12.) practice something!
been wanting to take up hand-lettering? further your yoga practice? get more skilled at your instrument? now’s your chance!
13.) plan your summer vacation
give yourself something amazing to look forward to 🙂
14.) take a hot bath
because brrr….
15.) build a blanket fort
get creative AND cozy!
16.) mail a handwritten note
just think of how excited your granny will be when she gets that in the mail! bonus points if you include a photo 😉
17.) snuggle all day
all. freakin. day.
18.) make indoor s’mores
go look this up on pinterest, drool on your keyboard, and then make it ASAP
19.) spend the day in pajamas
because you can
20.) have a skype date with a long-distance friend
get dressed up, grab your coffee, and go on a date… indoors… with your friend a hundred miles away!
21.) host a board game night
whether it’s for 2 or 20 people
22.) cook a huge pot of chili
and invite everyone you know over to eat it!
23.) create a scrapbook
no supplies? no problem! try shutterfly for a gorgeous book you can make on your laptop!
24.) take care of a sick friend
or family member! make them soup and tea, tuck them in with blankets, turn on their favorite shows…
25.) complete a puzzle
yup. just like your grandparents
26.) read your favorite blogs
like untidy grace! 😉
27.) write a letter to your future self
to open in ____ years!

download the printable bucket list by clicking on this little link:
guide to surviving winter


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