the cutest DIY throw pillow for less than $15

ever wanted to design your own throw pillow?

I’ve seen soooo many adorable ones on etsy & pinterest in the past months, but (maybe because I’m super broke…?) I just can’t fork over $25-$30 for a throw pillow… I just can’t do it! so I decided to make my own.

unfortunately, I have a crappy printer, so the whole print-out & iron-on thing was out of the question for me, but I couldn’t find a font I liked in the store-bought iron-on letters, either. plus, the fabric markers I had didn’t come in the size I was looking for and didn’t go on pigmented enough for what I wanted, so frustration ensued.


so I decided to try something that I wasn’t quite sure would work…. and it turned out to be absolutely AMAZING. and almost the easiest DIY ever! woohoo!

this DIY was originally born out of wanting one of those adorable “let’s make out” pillows for Valentine’s Day for my hubby and I. I’m so glad it turned out! it now lives on our bed during the day, and often squished up in my arms while watching the next episode of Stargate SG1… 😉

I think it ended up being pretty darn cute!!
let's make out pillow
my markers were starting to dry out a little (I’ve had them since June!), so my lines aren’t quite as sharp as they probably could be… meh. but I love it nonetheless!

so here’s what you’ll need for your pillow:
square pillow form that looks like a normal pillow (I got one for $8 from target. it’s soft on the outside, so all I had to do was cut off the tag, and it didn’t even need a cover.)
sharpie paint marker in any color (I’ve used three different tip widths – the super fine, fine, and medium point – and they all worked fine for me! I also buy these at Michael’s with the 40% off coupons they ALWAYS have online, so it comes out to around$3-$4. these last you a long time, though, so you don’t have to factor that into the cost for each pillow!)

here’s what you’ll do:
1.) if your pillow is wrinkly, just run an iron over it quickly
then let it cool before continuing.
2.) decide what you want to write
I like to sketch it out on paper, first. or, if you’re worried about not being “artsy” enough, you can always copy a cute font… like one of these. in that case, just type it up on the computer.
3.) use a pencil
I don’t always do this for simpler designs, but if it makes you more comfortable (and especially your first couple of times doing a DIY like this), by all means draw the design on your pillow in pencil FIRST.
4.) trace in your sharpie paint marker
this is pretty self explanatory 😉 the great thing about these, is that they don’t bleed!
5.) give it a few minutes to dry
the words themselves will feel ever so slightly stiff when it is done drying, but it shouldn’t feel scratchy or uncomfortable. plus, it will get softer with cuddling! 🙂
6.) so easy, right?!

I love this DIY! and I love my adorable throw pillows! ❤

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