the best Galentine’s Day brunch party

**note: all images were taken by the always-lovely Ica of Ica Images. you can find more of her beautiful work (or just hire her instantly because holy talent), here at her website.**

I love Galentine’s Day!

the un-official holiday where ladies celebrate ladies is by far one of the best to not-really-exist, in my humble opinion. this year, I collaborated with a sweet gal from my church to throw an amazing brunch party, complete with a make-your-own waffle station and a kickin’ photo booth.

and, oh, was it fun!!

I hope these photos give you some inspiration for your own Galentine’s Day party… or for a great birthday, springtime bash, or girls’ night in! 😉

we threw together these super cute little goodie bags, full of items useful to their time at the party itself, and to take home. these included their silverware, a cute pencil (pre-sharpened), 2 napkins (one made into an adorable bow!), and cards for the games we played (BINGO, Name That Chick Flick, conversation cards with prompts for talking points, and a “Find Your BFF” game card.)

we brought in our own decorations (some from home, some from the target cheap-o section 😉 ) and set about re-decorating the previously drab room of an old farmhouse where we were hosting the event. we used mixed seating by grabbing all sorts of cute pieces from home or from the venue and throwing them together for an intimate, cozy feel.
also: don’t you just love old fireplaces?!

our color scheme was pink, red, white, and gold ❤





we set up a virgin mimosa bar with juices, sparkling water, a variety of yummy berries, and adorable paper straws!



my sweet mother-in-law even whipped up some gorgeous cookies to use as favors for all the gals who attended… is she talented or what?!


and at our “kissing booth” ladies could place guesses for how many kisses were in the jar, and place their guesses in the cute gold-painted mailbox!


but of course the biggest hit was the waffle bar!! 🙂 our toppings included nutella, berries, butter, syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and other goodies!!

(note to self: next time, buy waffle mix that doesn’t require eggs, so you’re not running to the store 20 minutes before the party starts.)




our games were a blast! we decorated the tables with classic conversation hearts, with which our girls marked their BINGO cards 🙂



then we called out some famous movie quotes from our fave chick flicks, and asked them to name the movie it came from!! we included some newer AND older ones, so everybody could make sure to have a great time participating.


and best of all was the photobooth!

you don’t have to spend a lot of money on props to have a great one. grab some items of interest for the back wall, position yourself in a place with lots of natural light, and add some fun frames, little chalkboard signs, or confetti to toss for extra fun! ❤







all of our attendees left happy, full of waffles, and still complimenting the girly & stylish vibe, while toting their door prizes (seriously cute scarves, mugs, and lip balm!!) out with them 🙂 I think the only time I’ve had more excitement surrounding a party was my wedding!

happy celebrating, you beautiful gals ❤

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