How to Start Bible Journaling (for the Total Beginner)

Perhaps you’ve seen those beautiful photos on pinterest? the flowing colors and graceful swirls of text painted in the wide margins of journaling Bibles? perhaps you’ve wished you could imitate them or connect with God in a way like that. perhaps you’ve always thought “I could never do that… where would I even start… I’m not that creative…”.

well… STOP!

I promise you that anyone with any amount of artistic experience (even if it’s 0%) can do this. it might not look as flashy or as perfect or as “pinterest-worthy” as those images you’ve been constantly pinning on, well, pinterest… but it can lead to an amazing way to connect with the Lord that maybe you’ve never tried (or even thought about) before.

so, why is this even a thing?
why would you want to journal in your Bible?
here are a few good reasons:

1.) your quiet time needs a new routine.
it happens to the best of us! whether it’s romantic relationships, your workout regimen, or, yes, your time with Jesus, sometimes you just need to shake things up. we’re creatures of habit who can often fall into the rut of same-old, same-old and need a fresh perspective in order to approach what it is we’re doing with a new-found passion or love. Bible journaling is a really awesome way to do that in your quiet time!

2.) you’ve always wanted to learn how to mark/take notes in your Bible, but are nervous.
the great thing about this artsy journaling is there’s no wrong way to do it! who cares if you accidentally grab the wrong color? who cares if you can’t draw a straight line? gone are the days of wrecking a color-coded system or accidentally crossing out a verse instead of underlining it. *facepalm*

3.) you have a lot of pent-up emotion you want to express.
getting pen (or colored pencil) to paper is a tried-and-true formula for a creative emotional outlet. coloring your emotions or scribbling a word or two that God is pressing on your heart can sometimes be just the thing to take off the pressure and help you breathe a little deeper.

4.) “dear diary” was never your thing.
if the thought of trying to force yourself to fill out an entire page of that cute notebook (which you bought to try and force yourself to fill out an entire page) makes you want to scream… then try swirling some colors and words together in the margins of the book meant to fill your soul and lift your spirit. take the pressure off!

all of these are GREAT reasons to try your hand at Bible journaling! 🙂
and with a little time, this may become one of your most powerful acts of worship with and for your Creator!

better yet, you can do this for little-to-no cost (even if you choose to purchase a journaling Bible, I have linked to one which is easy on the wallet!), and without disrupting your everyday routine. it doesn’t take much time, and it doesn’t cost too much. can it even get any better?!

let’s do this!

here is what you’ll need:
~a Bible, preferably with wider margins meant for journaling in (I have this one that’s less than $30 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!)
~a nice pen, like the jelly roll brand, which I link to below 🙂
~any assortment of art supplies (my most-used are colored pencils, any brand)
~a quiet spot to think and pray and journal

1.) start with a book/chapter/verse you know well.
pick one that stirs your soul, one that inspires you, one that comforts you, one that just hits you where you’re at. have one in mind?

2.) read it a few times.
let it sink in. picture what it’s saying.

3.) meditate and pray on it.
ask God what He wants to teach you from it. you can even ask Him to guide your heart and hand as you create with and for Him! start to get a feel for any imagery that the verse invokes.

4.) start in pencil.
you can even use a separate paper the first few times if you’re nervous to begin! start doodling that imagery that came to mind.

5.) put it in the margins.
or write over some of the words. (I like to use these pens, which can also be purchased at Michael’s.) nothing is off-limits here. the Creator of the universe is creating through you! let Him do His thing! 🙂

6.) color/embellish/decorate it.
there are several tools you can use for this. colored pencils, washi tape, highlighters, and glitter glue are some of my favorites, but you can also use stamps, stickers, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

you’re DONE. 🙂

remember, it can be simple, or ornate… it’s totally up to you!

5 thoughts on “How to Start Bible Journaling (for the Total Beginner)

  1. Love this so much! I’ve seen this on instagram before but it makes me a little nervous writing over verses (in case I can’t read them later) and I don’t want it to look bad haha. But this was a great post, maybe I’ll give a shot!

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  2. Moriah, not sure what led me to this part of your blog, perhaps your post from today I dont know but….. What I do know is that your precious baby girl will one day long to have and share your bible with her daughter, granddaughter or great grand daughter… I could only wish that my mom had a bible with markings on it. Even if… Even if it were a just a straight line underlining her favorite verse.

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