10 fabulous (and FREE) fonts

I’m kind of a font geek.

it’s a thing, okay?!

as much as my husband tells me I’m a total weirdo for geeking out over new fonts, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one. especially when Simone (read her blog here) can casually mention the font I’m typing in next to her by name.

I’m not alone, guys! (font nerds, unite!)

so I figured I’d share with you some of my favorite, oft-used, swirliest, happiest fonts today on the blog. bonus? they’re all free!! 🙂


I’m super into the watercolor-like fonts right now (like surfing capital & chasing embers above!), but they are all great for creating titles, combining in invites, and tacking on to blog photos.

you might recognize some of them from this blog!

click on their names below to find & download them in all their loveliness!
chasing embers
sweet pea
coalhand Luke
Janda stylist
at mahogany script
surfing capital
carolyna pro black

enjoy, my loves!! 🙂

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