blizzard picnic for two

can I be real for a second?

I love snow storms.

like… LOVE them. I mean, hours and hours of introvert time, alone with books, warm drinks, and the people I love is basically what heaven itself is made of, right? 😉

so, J & I decided to celebrate the snow by having a little indoor snow day picnic. because what could be better than adding food and cuddles and games to the already lovely mix? I almost lost my ever-loving mind.

while the snow has begun to melt, and the magic of snowmaggedon 2016 has started to fade, it’s still frickin’ cold out there y’all! (well, too cold for picnics at least) so I say you can still have your own lovely indoor blizzard picnic for two!



2 adorable human beings in love… or non-adorable. I won’t judge if being snowed in kept you from hitting the shower 😉
some warm drinks… be they cocoa (like this heavenly stuff made with nutella & bourbon!), coffee, tea, or another concoction of your choice
a cozy candle or two
board games
some music
something cozy to eat
, if it’s meal time. we made chicken and dumplings!




just cuddle up & enjoy watching the snow fall… or melt. you know, whatever you’ve got 😉



and of course pull out the games!!
we decided to play jenga. it had been a while, but there’s nothing quite so fun as the childish suspense of pulling out those little wooden blocks 🙂 our set was made more romantic by little notes we’ve written to each other on some of the pieces.


we get pretty hardcore 😉


and I won! mwahahahaha!! 😉 (sorry babe, you married a very competitive woman)


I hope you enjoy your winter picnic as much as we did! ❤ what other goodies will you add to yours?

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