nutella bourbon hot chocolate


a girl’s true best friend, am I right? 😉

well my bestie came to visit because we were both having a kind of a rough week, and we were having a hankering for some of that creamy cocoa goodness. so we decided to go a little overboard crazy and just have some fun with it! and out of that was born one of the yummiest recipes your mouth may ever taste.

(plus it’s basically the easiest recipe you’ll ever make.)

nutella bourbon hot chocolate

there are only four simple ingredients, most of which (if you’re like me) you probably already have in your cupboard.

plus, even though it’s an alcoholic recipe, all you have to do is leave out the bourbon, and you have the most heavenly cocoa you’ve ever dreamed of tasting… and it’s kiddo-friendly, too! 🙂 

yeah. it’s that good.


there are a lot of Nutella cocoa recipes out there, but what I’ve concocted for you is the by far the simplest (and, you know, in my opinion, yummiest) version out there.

even with the bourbon added, it’s subtle and light and not at all an alcohol-heavy drink.

it’s the perfect treat to sip on during these chilly snow days that we’ve been having lately, and it’s a great addition to any comfy girl-night with chick flicks and nail painting.


chocolate chips, fudge sauce, whipped cream, and a pretty straw… what will you top yours with? 🙂

and who will you share that second cup of chocolate-y, bourbon-y goodness with? (no judgement if you say yourself!)


ingredients are just skim milk, cream, Nutella, and bourbon. and it just takes some simple simmering on the stovetop and gentle whisking to combine them and create this frothy, creamy cup of hot chocolate.


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