a DIY “little wins” book

hi lovelies!

if you’re like me and are just so over comparing yourself to others, reflecting on your negativity, and dwelling in shame that is none of your business, you need to start a “little wins” book. I chatted a lot about self confidence & comparison in this post, so make sure to give it a read!

what is a little wins book?
and what are little wins?!

well, I’m so glad you asked 😉

1.) what are “little wins”?
little wins are the small things that you SUCCEED in on any given day. whether it’s making sure to eat breakfast when you usually skip it, or finally getting around to that mountain of laundry, or responding kindly to a rude person… those are your little wins. those are the challenges you conquered, however small 🙂

2.) what is a little wins book?
a little wins book, is, simply enough, a small book or notebook in which you record your little wins, so you can go back and look at them later on to be encouraged. (bonus points for prettiness!)

pretty simple, right?  🙂

not only is this an amazing mood-booster (who doesn’t want to be reminded of all of the ways they’ve succeeded and all the little things they’ve won at?), but it’s also a super fun little DIY project that can be as complex or as simple as your little heart desires!

while you can use any number of items for your little wins book, here are some basics to start with:
blank book (I got a multi-pack at Target for $3)

other fun ideas could include:
glitter, stickers, washi tape, ribbon or yarn, stamps, paint, colored pencils, scrapbooking paper, brads or punches, photos, and more!


then… simply deck out your beautiful cover! make it 100% YOU 🙂

you can choose however you would like to count your little wins on the inside. I decided to simply number them and include the date in parentheses beside them! it works for me!

have you ever recorded little wins before?
do you think this could be a helpful tool for you?

tell me in the comments! 🙂

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