of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted

hi lovelies!

I thought we should chat today about some things that are up and coming, not just in my life, but also in the life of this little blog! 🙂

so let’s grab a cup of coffee & have a seat, shall we?

yoga and jesus

as many of you know, I’ve just begun my training to become a certified yoga instructor with holy yoga ministries. (ahhhh!!!) you guys. it’s everything I dreamed and more. God is doing huge, powerful things in my caving-in heart, and it’s breaking me in ways more beautiful than I knew to be possible. it’s something truly miraculous.

between the video call lessons, hours of journaling & studying the scriptures, time spent meeting the Lord on my mat, dozens of cups of coffee, minutes and hours and days holed up in starbucks reading the material, countless flashcards of memorizing terms, and prayerfully meditating… I’m overwhelmed, both by the sheer amount of learning my brain is taking in and also by the bigness of God and His constant affirmation that this is indeed what He wants for my life.

so, after that slightly longer than I had planned update on my life ( 😉 ), what does this have to do with you?

I want to hear all your questions 🙂 
that’s right.
all of them.
ask me about this process, about the changes it’s bringing, about yoga itself, about how Jesus & yoga can coexist… whatever your question is, ask!
because I want to answer them all on here, in the span of a few blog posts dedicated to helping you understand this thing called yoga, to allow you to walk with me on this sometimes scary, always miraculous road of faith 🙂

sound good?
send them at me!!
leave them in the comments section 😉

Moriah ❤

4 thoughts on “of yoga, starbucks, and big life decisions: your questions accepted

  1. first off saw your new short do on insta and it’s so cute! I recently just chopped off all of mine as well so I totally now the feeling of freedom which comes from a new short do!

    Anyways my question is about how do Jesus and yoga mix together? I took a lot of hindu/Buddhism classes in college so we discussed yoga practice and it’s purpose in those religions and I have always wondered how that practice mixes in with Christianity. I am totally all for yoga don’t get me wrong at all but this has always been something I have wondering especially the more I see and hear of Holy Yoga classes.

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