ultimate gift guide // sisters in law

I’ve already given you bunches of ideas of what to get for a variety of people in your life this Christmas. (check out all the goodness here!!) and now I’m giving you yet another ultimate gift guide… this time for your sisters in law.

okay you guys.

I have THREE sisters in law.

three!! and I love them dearly! but sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out what to get for each of the ladies in your life when the list of them grows long, long, long.

no worries 🙂

here’s my ultimate list of what you should be sticking under the tree for your sweet, in-law gals this year… they’re all gifts I’d love to get, and all can be found at reasonable prices to fit any budget ❤

gifts for sisters in law

ultimate gift guide // sisters in law

1.) best sister ever cold cup with straw. 
okay. how darn cute is this?! for the girl on the go who loves her iced coffee or is a pro at staying hydrated in style, this ultra-adorbs little number from etsy is just $15 and comes in an endless array of colors! what sis wouldn’t adore this?

2.) dainty monogram necklace
this necklace can be personalized with any initial, and it even comes with a sweet little note stating your love for her “sister-not-through-blood status” 🙂 grab yours here from etsy.

3.) cute pj’s
TJ Maxx, Target, and of course Victoria’s Secret (for you ladies ready to splurge *wink*) all have a huge array of ulra-comfy & super pretty pj’s. what girl doesn’t love a cozy pair of jammies to curl up in during the winter? bonus points: add a cute mug & cocoa packet 😉

4.) gold-rimmed agate coasters
perfect for the entertainer or super fab lady who likes to stay stylish, even when it comes to her home decor. I mean… I adore these. grab some here from world market.

5.) fuzzy slippers
again with the coziness. a girl can never. have. enough. cozy. things. 😀 keep her “mistle-toes” warm & toasty during those cold new year nights (and, ahem, crazy-cute!) with these classy & cozy slippers from UGG. (or, you know, a cheaper version that’s just as adorable 😉 )

6.) “happy everything” makeup bag
every girl needs a sturdy yet sweet makeup bag to tote around her lady things (and to stash that extra tube of emergency mascara). this one takes the cake with the bold design & sweet statement ❤ (there are more quote options, too!!) grab yours here!

7.) geo rock soap
so stylish! so fab! so sudsy! 😉 ensure her hand-washing is as cute as it is clean with these pretty soaps from Anthropologie!

8.) “now watch me sip” tee
um. okay. I might have to order this for me. who doesn’t know the crazy-catchy lyric that this is a play off of?! grab this tee for your wine-loving sis from skreened for just $24. 🙂

9.) monogram mug
perfect for the sis who loves to make a statement, this stylish little mug from charming charlie is all sass & chic. it comes in bunches of seasonal colors, and they’re all monogrammed in that gorgeous gold! don’t forget to toss in a starbucks gift card or invite for a coffee date for the two of you! ❤

hope this list gave you a few ideas for the sis-in-law in your life! happy shopping!

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