Chick fil A calendar card: how it works & why it’s the perfect stocking stuffer

**This post is not sponsored, and I was not compensated in any way for this post. all opinions are my own.**

ah, Chick fil A… everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant! those perfectly salty, crunchy waffle cut french fries, the somehow amazingly delicious chicken… hungry yet? 😉

while we ALL love this amazing establishment, have you ever heard of the chick fil a calendar card?

my mother has been putting one in my stocking for years, and now J & I make sure to add this awesome little goody to our stockings for one another each year!

but what IS it, exactly?
and how does it work?
how much does it cost?
and why do I need it?

glad you asked 😉

cfa calendar card A

The chick fil a calendar card comes with, well, a calendar. ha! (imagine that), but if I’m honest, I really spend that little bit of cash for the card, not the calendar (which is totally adorable & covered with photos of their signature, poor-at-spelling cows!

how much does it cost?
the card & calendar together cost a whopping $7
. (I know, totally breaks the bank 😉 )

what is it, exactly?
the calendar card is your ticket to something free from CFA each month throughout the year it is good for! some months the free item is a surprise, some months you get to vote on what the free item will be, and other months there is a set item. it could be anything from a free large drink to a large fry AND sandwich (yeah, that happens!!) to a yummy small milkshake. it’s always different, and there’s always variety!

how does it work?
each month (literally anytime throughout the month, from the 1st, right to the end) you can bring in your card to get your free item. they will ring up the item, then slide that calendar card to automatically bring the total for that item to $0! you can only use it once!

cfa card3

why do I need it?
this is a perfect gift for everyone! Joey and I like to use it for a nice, free little date night every month 😉  but this makes a great gift for kids, too. if you’ve got a few kids, what a fun monthly outing for them to look forward to… and it’s FREE for you! anyone who loves chick fil a would love to see this happy little surprise in their Christmas stocking!

now get out there, grab your own, and enjoy your year-round free Chick fil A!

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