how to make wrapping Christmas presents more fun than ever!

hello lovelies!

it’s officially that time of year.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday have come and gone, and now everyone is fully focused on CHRISTMAS. wrapping, decorating, prepping, baking… now is the time! 🙂

I think you all have gotten the idea that I LOVE this time of year 😉

well today, I put on a splendidly scratchy old Christmas vinyl, wrapped a bunch of presents, and nursed a sore & stiff back (yeah… I fell down the stairs yesterday and busted myself up pretty well.)

My super amazing hubby braved the traffic & crowds of our local “small business saturday” to go get me my meds & some chick fil a sweet tea. he’s a keeper 😉


(loving these photos we snagged together on Thanksgiving!!)

I realize (though I have a terribly hard time believing) that there are actually people out there that don’t look forward to wrapping gifts as much as they look forward to Christmas Day itself 😉 one of those people happens to be my husband.

thankfully, it’s ME to the rescue!!

whether you love ’em or loathe ’em here are a few ways to make your gift-wrapping days better than ever ❤

christmas present wrapping

1.) do it with someone else
everything’s better with a friend! 🙂 enlist your hubby, mom, friend, or sibling to help you, and have a great time of fellowship & bonding while you get stuff done!

2.) set the mood
you know what I mean… that Christmas-y excitement that fills the air… yeah, create some of your own by turning up your favorite Christmas album, lighting some candles, and having something amazing baking in the oven!

3.) get cozy
put on your wintry-est sweater, socks, and pull on some yoga pants. get as comfy as you possibly can. everything’s better when you’re wearing a sweater, am I right? (note to self: that adorable quote rhymed. that was awesome. you need to put that on a t shirt… or sweater.)

4.) snack on something yummy
pour a cup of something warm and toasty, put some of those freshly baked Christmas cookies on a plate, pop some popcorn… whatever food best exemplifies that cozy aura of Christmas-y happiness… eat that.

5.) watch a Christmas movie
drag all of your gift-wrapping supplies into whichever room houses the tv, and turn on your fave Christmas flick. the nostalgia will keep your spirits bright, as your hands get wrapping those delightful packages!

6.) use adorable gift wrap!
nothing makes me want to get crafty more than ADORABLE supplies. try out using pretty washi tape, gorgeous bags, cute tags, and sweet gift wrap! get creative, and look at it as a work of art ❤  you can get them pretty inexpensively at both Home Goods & Target’s $1-$3 section!!


1.) combine all of those above ideas into one for an epic, amazing, gift-wrapping party! the most non-boring Christmas activity ever, and one that is sure to become a tradition!

2.) need an excuse not to procrastinate on that wrapping? gifts make fantastic decor! granted, this isn’t the most practical idea if you have small children, but if you’ve got lots of presents for extended family & friends, these packages are perfect for Christmas-y-ing up your home with no extra $$$.

have FUN!! 🙂

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