5 reasons to be thankful for where you are & who you are RIGHT NOW

as Thanksgiving not-so-slowly creeps up on us (um, ONE WEEK what?!), and we begin the frantic dance of whose house, which recipes, can you take off work, the cousins are flying in… etc, etc… I thought that now would be a good time to pause and truly be thankful for the nitty gritty.

not my friends and family (though I’m out-of-this-world thankful for them, too), not my job (though God really blesses us through it), not any of the other overly-rehearsed phrases & answers you can repeat without batting an eye… the real, the hard, the in-between that we don’t always share and aren’t always content with or proud of.

can we stop and be thankful for that, too?

I’m going to.

and here are 5 reasons that you should, too:

1.) it’s a part of your story
where you are & who you are right now is a chapter that’s worth reading. it’s a page you shouldn’t just skim or browse. it’s a part of YOU, and because of that it matters. even if it’s not shiny, pretty, or perfect right now. even if it just plain sucks or is painful or really freaking hard. it’s still a work in progress that is (currently!!) being made into something pretty spectacular if you stop and think about it.

2.) you are growing
whatever is going on in your life is causing you to grow. this slow monotony is teaching you patience. the desert season is teaching you trust. the betrayal is teaching you strength. the lack of direction is teaching you dependence on God. every growth (even if it’s still happening) is something worth celebrating and being thankful for!

3.) it’s never going to happen again
this year, this month, this place in life… it’s here ONCE. you get this one chance to experience it, learn from it, heal with it… even if you’re totally relieved to hear that, the fact that this one time is all you get to experience it, really puts a solemn note on things. soak it up. every painful, beautiful moment of it.

4.) being thankful is worth it
the art of thankfulness is one that is 100% worth the struggle to cultivate. and if you can manage that in a time of life when you just aren’t really feeling it, you can bet it’s going to not just make the right now more bearable, but it’s going to create a habit of thankfulness in your heart that will affect all those around you, too.

5.) look at how far you’ve come… and imagine how far you’ll go!
just look at you! I know personally, even thought my “right now” doesn’t look like I hoped it would a year ago, when I think about how far I’ve come as a person & all that God’s grace has saved me from, it makes me so, so thankful. AND excited for where He is taking me… even if His timeline is different than mine 😉

6 thoughts on “5 reasons to be thankful for where you are & who you are RIGHT NOW

  1. Moriah…I LOVE this. Having a heart of gratitude in the midst of struggle changed my life! There is always something to be thankful for. I loved point #2 that shows ways God is growing you. Trials shape us into the person God knows we can be as we depend on Him.

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