black friday shopping for the frugal girl // creating a game plan

what’s the #1 rule of black friday shopping?

never go in without a game plan.

seriously. you will hate it. it will be miserable. you’ll be hungry hangry. you’ll probably injure someone. you may or may not never ever go black friday shopping again in your life.

think I’m exaggerating? think again!

if you want to face hordes of sale-obsessed zombie moms with screaming infants clinging to their hip on your own… be my guest 😉 but with this game plan, not only will you not have to do that, you won’t BE one of those sale-obsessed zombie moms either! (which is the real win, in my opinion!)

so here’s what you’re going to do:
you’re going to create your own, personalized game plan. and I’m going to help you.

download this free printable (The ultimate Black Friday game Plan), and print it out!

let’s walk through & fill out this printable together 🙂

1.) go ahead and first fill out the portion of the printable that has you list every person you have to buy gifts for. make sure to fill out all of the known information. when you’re dashing through the stores on black friday, you’re not going to want to try guessing at what size shirt your niece wears. write it down now in the space provided. if you’ve got lots and lots of people to buy for, print out page 2 of the printable a second (or third, or fourth…) time.

2.) list what you’re getting each person, then move on to figuring out which stores you’ll purchase their gifts at. where do you need to hit on black friday to score those deals? write that down!

3.) awesome! look at you! what a great planner you are 😉 next up is finding out when those stores open. a simple web search or phone call to that store should do the trick. write those down at the top of the first page in order of which ones open first.

4.) skip down to the final page and finalize that budget!! make sure to review this with your significant other, or whoever else you share finances with!!

5.) finally, figure out who it is you’re going to be pairing up with (or grouping up with) on black friday, and create your day-of timeline. share your printable with them, and make sure you’re all on the same page in regards to which stores you’ll need to visit & when you want to leave!

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