10 winter dates for couples

we are already halfway through november, and winter is on her way! before you know it, there will be snow falling, carols being sung, and scarves actually being used for warmth as opposed to fashion 😉

to get you in the wintry spirit, here are 10 winter dates you & your guy should be going on this winter!

10 winter date nights

1.) coffee walk
it’s exactly what it sounds like! bundle up nice and cozy, go downtown (even if a cute “downtown” is 45 minutes away!), grab coffee from a very hipster coffee shop, and just walk, enjoying the cold air, Christmas decor, and each other.

2.) pick out your tree
if you’re live-tree people, make a great date out of finding, chopping down, and bringing home your Christmas tree. bring along a camera and take photos next to the tallest, shortest, most Charlie Brown-esque, and most perfect tree. and of course snap one of the two of you with The One. 🙂

3.) make apple crisp
or any other cozy recipe for just the two of you! then light some candles, put on your pj’s, and cozy up together on the couch to split it 🙂 try my favorite apple crisp recipe for two here!!  bonus: the oven will warm up the house!!

4.) make a snowman!
well, you technically need snow to do this, so I’m sorry if you don’t have any wear you’re at, but it’s just too fun! plus, you don’t even need a lot of snow to make this a super fun date… a couple years ago, we had just a dusting, and I made the tiniest snowman ever!!
tiny snowman

5.) cold weather picnic
grab the blankets & cocoa, and pack your car tight with cozy things. then drive out to a park and either picnic in your car or out in the cold (make sure you get all the cuddles your heart desires!!)

6.) make a gingerbread house
you could even turn it into a contest (winner picks tonight’s Christmas movie? 😉 ) or you could see how tall you could make one together. or you could pick themes. the options are literally endless!! don’t forget to post photos on facebook!

7.) send out Christmas cards
make a date out of the chore of signing your Christmas cards! put on a movie & pour a drink. then make an assembly line (you sign the names, he licks the envelope and puts on the stamp?) and get those cards done while you chat about the year & your favorite moments from it! ❤

8.) make indoor s’mores & eat them in bed!
I love love love this recipe for tasty indoor s’mores. while they’re baking and getting all toasty and gooey, break up your graham crackers into dip-able rectangles! then grab the pan and your graham crackers, and sit on the bed to have your cozy snack!

9.) decorate the tree (and the house!)
this one is pretty self-explanatory… still, it’s one of my absolute favorite things about the Christmas season. don’t forget the Christmas music, and make sure to grab your favorite snacks, while you’re at it!

10.) have a breakfast date
on your day off, instead of sleeping in, (I know it’s tempting!!) get up and make yourself some really nice coffee, toss some cinnamon rolls in the oven, and fry up some bacon. leave your pj’s on & cuddle on the couch while you eat breakfast. just enjoy your quiet morning together! plus: since you’re up early you have more of the day to enjoy!!
french press8

which of these dates are you going to go on this winter? 🙂
are there any others I should have added?
let me know in the comments!!

4 thoughts on “10 winter dates for couples

  1. Definitely doing the making brunch and coffee walk. I’m not really an ice-skating or skiing kind of person, so those simple ways to enjoy the winter without having to roll around in it are great! Another thing my husband and I enjoy in the winter is to drink wine while we listen to Christmas music and just talk to each other! It’s a simple thing, but those are some of our favorite evenings. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you. I’m not a skier & the majority of my time on ice is spent trying to avoid those who may accidentally knock me down (ha!) so I also love the cozier ways to enjoy the season ❤ and I love that idea! Sometimes simple is best!


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