your perfect Christmas gift guide // the guys


I am LOVING this series, you guys. we’ve already tackled three other groups of people when it comes to purchasing your holiday gifts, and now we’ve reached what the majority of you have called the hardest-to-shop-for group: the guys!

here are the other gift series if you’re interested:
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guys can be TOUGH to shop for. either they’re terribly straightforward and purchase what they want on their own, or they’re tough to read, which makes it difficult to buy things they’ll actually love!

each of the things in this list I’ve compiled are items I think my own husband would love!! and the reason this list has taken me a while is because I wanted to make sure I could throw together a quality one, with items that I really am a fan of. I took my time with this, and I think it paid off!! 🙂

this list was created with brothers, husbands, and guys in their 20’s & 30’s in mind, but some of these could easily be translated to dads, I’m sure! 🙂 if you’ve got any more ideas, just let me know!!

gifts for guys2


1.) S’WELL water bottle
this super classy watter bottle not only looks like wood, it doesn’t condensate, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, and part of the proceeds go to UNICEF to help bring clean drinking water & other help to kids who need it all around the world! how awesome is that?! perfect for the guy on the go! buy yours here.

2.) simon game
this favorite game from the 90’s can be played single-player, or with up to four people. it’s a classic that any 90’s kid will have a total blast (from the past?) with! you can snag yours here, or find it on amazon!

3.) cozy socks with their favorite sports team
let their team pride keep them toasty this chilly winter season, by wrapping their toes with knit coziness that shows off their favorite sports team! find all your nfl teams at the nfl online pro shop here!!

4.) world’s okayest brother tee
if you and your bro have great rapport and a good sense of humor, he’ll love this shirt that claims how okay he is at being your brother 😉 this shirt totally made me laugh when I saw it! you can get one for your funny guy here on etsy!

5.) battlestar galactica cards
for the nerdy guy in your life, try these playing cards from one of the greatest si-fy shows of all time! there are rules included, so he can learn the actual card game they play on the show! so fun! (I got these for my hubby last year) you can find them here!

6.) assassins coffee mug
for the guy who just shouldn’t talk to people until he’s finished with his morning coffee, this hilarious coffee cup could be the perfect gift to buy this Christmas! the sassy statement “good morning, I see the assassins have failed.” greets those around him with a warning to back off until he’s done with his coffee!! you can get this bold & funny mug right here.

7.) beard care kit
this suh-weet set of beard care items (including oil, wash, and wax) is the perfect gift for the guy who has it all… including a beard! 😉 if this set (found here) is a wee bit out of your budget, you can always opt for just the beard oil alone, or make your own with any of the many recipes found on pinterest!

8.) R2D2 car charger
I LOVE this!! I know my hubby would be all. over. this. and any star wars lover would be overjoyed to find this little guy under the tree or in his stocking! with lots of noises and little movements, he so genuinely mimics everyone’s favorite little droid 🙂 plus, he charges your phone, so there’s that 😉 get him for your star wars lover here!

9.) guitar wall hooks
the musician in your life would be happy to hang his band hoodie on these wall hooks that resemble guitars! I love how realistic they are, and also how something so fun is also so practical! maybe the college guy could use these? this great little set can be found at bed bath & beyond 🙂

10.) wooden six pack holder
these handsome wooden six pack holders are great for the guy who loves to try new brews. this particular model doesn’t have a bottle opener on the side, but there are some at both Target and Home Goods that do! (and that are cheaper than this classy little handmade number found here)

I hope this little list helped you with gaining some inspiration for the guys in your life! 🙂 they may be tough to buy for, but doesn’t that make finding the perfect gift that much more satisfying in the end?

happy shopping!

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