thanksgiving day charades FREE PRINTABLE

ah, thanksgiving day!

so affectionately nick-named by americans as “turkey day”, or “the-day-we-all-get-too-full-to-move”.
just me?

perhaps it has lost some of its true meaning of thanks-giving, but I sure do look forward to gathering with family and friends each year, helping cook the food, setting the table, watching the big parade, and climbing in around the table to say grace over the mountain of food.

gathering with family is one of my FAVORITE things!!
image_8_6_2012-27(rev 0)

yes that’s me!

and this year, I’ve come up with a plan to make it even more special 🙂

I’ve whipped up a super fun FREE printable of thanksgiving themed charades for you to play with your family once you’ve shoveled in the pie and tidied up the table.

here it is! (yippee!!)
Thanksgiving Day Charades

there’s lots of fun words & phrases to act out (carving a pumpkin! pocahontas!), and I’ve even included two fill-in-your-own “I’m thankful for______” cards, so you can act out the things (or people!) you’re most glad to have in your life ❤

have fun, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 🙂

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