your perfect christmas gift guide // the INTROVERT

it’s TIME! 🙂

the great untidy grace Perfect Christmas Gift Guide series has begun!!! I’ve been waiting to introduce this to you all for literally months now, and, oh boy, are we kicking things off with a bang!

this first gift guide is for your friend who would rather spend her time one on one in a coffee shop with you, than with your twelve-person friend group. that friend who loves nothing more than a night in with a good book. ah, yes: all hail the mystery of the introvert 😉 (I’m one of them, y’all!)introvert gift guide

seriously, your introverted friend will LOVE one or more of this cute bunch of goodies that play to her little heart’s desires for alone-time. 🙂 after all, don’t we all love it when someone knows us well enough to appeal to those little joys we have? ❤

1.) elephant pants
these crazy-cute stretchy pants are just $18 (won’t break the bank!!) and come in dozens of different colors & patterns so you can find just the right pair for your introvert! 😉 plus, they’re perfect for lounging around with a good book… or netflix. and $2 from every pair goes to helping save those majestic, yet endangered, species. grab yours here

2.) cozy socks, like these camping socks from J Crew will swaddle their feet in a layer of comfy warmth. I think we can all admit that there’s nothing better than slipping your feet into some cuddly socks and curling up in a blanket on the couch after coming in from the chilly winter outdoors. 🙂

3.) christmas-y candle
show your introvert how much they warm your heart & light up your life with a candle that smells like Christmas. ❤ no one (especially an introvert) can refuse a good candle in the winter months. instant cozy! try one like these from bath & body works.

4.) cute ear buds
tell your introvert you respect their need to tune out with some ultra-adorable ear buds! (you could totally pair them with an itunes gift card, too!) I love these foxy ones from mod cloth, but go for a pair that simply screams their name! 🙂

5.) a giant blanket
nothing says winter like being cuddled up in a great big blanket with a mug of cocoa (or coffee… or tea…), preferably with a cuddle buddy! in my little introvert mind, I can NEVER have enough blankets! the more the merrier! add to their cuddly collection with this cozy, knit number from target. it comes in several colors, and I can tell you from experience that it is one of my favorites that I own!

6.) starbucks gift card
cliche? maybe. appreciated? ALWAYS! I never tire of getting free coffee!! plus, the coffee shop is the perfect space to people watch or catch up on reading over a hot vanilla latte. ❤ to stand out from the crowd, stick your gift card in an empty disposable cup! (just ask the barista… they’re always happy to oblige!) or in one of those $2 reusable ones! you could also offer to take them out, one-on-one for a little coffee date, if you want to make it even more special!

7.) introvert keychain
this quirky addition to their jingling keys is sure to bring giggles from all around! it’s silly, true, and oh so fun! plus, how cute will their keys look? 😉 get it here.

8.) re-bound copy of their favorite classic
every introvert has one! 🙂 I’ve shown my personal favorite, a little princess, as an example, but you can find dozens at both barnes & noble and B.A.M. what a sweet way to show you care, plus they’ll love the excuse to dig back into an old favorite!

9.) introvert tote bag
great for lugging around library books, a trip to the grocery store, or errand-running, this super cute tote bag will remind everyone to give your dear introvert the space they need! you could always tuck in a new book, that starbucks gift card, or even a fluffy scarf to add to it! at just $14, this tote is a steal 😉 grab one for your friend here!

10.) coffee mug
a cup of cozy is an introvert’s drink of choice, and this particular mug describes their feelings about curling up with one, perfectly. 😉 whatever your pick, your introvert will love the warm fuzzies that fill their heart when they remember their favorite gifter as they sip their warm drink ❤

I hope this gave you some great gifting ideas for the introvert on your Christmas shopping list!! 🙂 next in our Perfect Christmas Gift Guide series will be IN-LAWS, so stay tuned and check back in soon!! 🙂

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