let’s be thankful! & a FREE PRINTABLE

can I buy back your forgiveness & love with free printables? (it would totally work on me…)
I know I’ve been a bit AWOL (agaaaiiiin).
I’ll just admit it. I’m not always great at this! I have really cruddy days where I don’t even log on here, and I have great days when I write five posts in a two hour sitting. it happens. I’m just bein’ real! 😉

for those of you who have committed to being my prayer partner as I walk through my yoga certification process, THANK YOU!! 🙂 your free gift is in the process of being carefully and perfectly created & prayed over for YOU ❤ because I’m so super thankful for you guys and your obedience to God’s call to prayer!

it’s not too late to sign up if you still want to!! just go here!

for all of you, I have something kinda special in store for you today 🙂

it’s november, which, in my mind means 4 incredibly important things.
2.) THANKSGIVING (my second favorite holiday) is coming!!!! 😀
3.) buy ALL THE CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! (november is for buying, december is for wrapping, fools) ;P
4.) get making that BLACK FRIDAY GAME PLAN with my mama!

but really. can you believe we’re already into november?!
I feel like september and october blew right by!

and while I think that we should be mindful of how richly our Father has blessed us, year round, and moment by moment, november is a great time to make that a special focus… to put it in the spotlight, if you will.

here are just a few things I’m crazy-thankful for…

1.) an incredible husband who continues to build me up & support me when my anxiety & depression threatens to drown me. he is amazing. I cannot put it into words enough.

2.) a new job! Charming Charlie, I’m back & in all black 😉

3.) being all signed up for my yoga certification training! I am SO excited for this!! but you can read all about it here instead.

4.) the way the LORD always provides financially. seriously. all the time. why do I ever worry? why do I ever doubt

5.) really, really fantastic & selfless friends who prioritize me in their lives and are always putting heart & soul into our friendships. I love ’em!

6.) medication. thank you GOD for this!! 🙂


if you want to jot down a few of the things you’re thankful for, try doing it on this super cute free printable: ❤ ——–> Lets be thankful

it’s really easy to use it as a countdown to thanksgiving day, too! just start THIS FRIDAY, and by thanksgiving, you’ll have all 20 spaces filled in!
this could be a great exercise in gratitude for you and/or your family, or a fun activity for your kiddos!! 🙂

enjoy! ❤

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