be my prayer partner during my yoga certification :)

on tuesday, january 5th, I’ll be starting my yoga certification training!
I’m all signed up and rearing to go, and I’m kind of 100% bewildered at how amazing this whole thing is and has been and will continue to be!!

God is GOOD, you guys! 🙂

but here’s the thing: God does big things when His people pray. I want Him to do some BIG BIG things as I go on this journey, so I really want YOU praying for me!

I decided it would be pretty cool to call out all you prayer warriors and ask you to make a commitment to prayer these next few months. knowing that I have a community of people praying for me & thinking of me will really keep me going and inspire me to do it ALL to the glory of GOD! 🙂

so that’s what I’ve done!
I’ve put together this little plan for any of you who would like to make that commitment. I’ve broken it down, so you can commit to praying during the online training period, the intensive retreat in Arizona, one week of my training, or during the whole time! pick whatever you feel you can do! no pressure, that way 🙂
E + M

when you commit to praying for me (for however long a time), you’ll get:
1.) weekly email updates & monthly email newsletters on how my training is going & what new ways you can be praying for me!
2.) a special gift to make sure I don’t slip your mind, and to remind you to pray for me!
3.) your name added to the list that will be posted on my blog of all my mighty prayer warriors!! 😀

I’ve created a super-nifty form that you can fill out ultra-quick to make it all happen 🙂 and it’s purple, so… 😉

——> go here to fill out the prayer partner form! <—–

I am SO EXCITED to see these forms start pouring into my email, so fill it out, share it, and get my mail box overflowing 😉
yoga tree

prayer is IMPORTANT you guys.
it is no less important than the monetary gifts or “practical” help.
you are the ones who help to keep my spirit lifted, my heart protected from the evil one, and my priorities on the Lord!! that’s serious business ❤

5 thoughts on “be my prayer partner during my yoga certification :)

  1. That’s exciting! I have been a hit and miss yogi, but it’s encouraging to see how well you’ve done! (I just got some instructional DVDs for pregnancy and I am excited about that)

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