dreams come true ((BIG NEWS!))

yesterday, my wonderful, handsome, and loving husband took me out and treated me to a celebration breakfast at panera bread. I had a cinnamon crunch bagel with silky cream cheese (heaven on earth, y’all…) and a cozy vanilla latte to kick start my awakened state, and I stared into that man’s eyes and just beamed all morning.

why, you ask, were we celebrating?
answered prayer.
our good God.
a Father who heals & lifts us up.
a fiery trial which proved us gold.

you see, after lots of longing, struggling, weeping, and frustration, but clinging to Christ through it all, God finally looked at me and said, “you’ve been faithful. it’s time for some rest, child. it’s time for a new way to prove my love for you.”

after lots of $0 in my fundraising account… after lots of searching for jobs with no avail… After so many nights with tears on the pillowcase… two really beautiful things happened within hours of each other. ❤

But let’s back up for a second 😉

But He knows the way that I take, and when He has tried me, I shall come out as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and have not turned aside… For He will complete what He appoints for me, and many such things are in His mind.” // Job 23:10, 11 & 14 //

I love love love all of those beautiful words. If you’re at all familiar with the book of Job, you know that God tested him oh so deeply. But this is Job’s response. He knows God! He knows that God knows him! And he recognizes the time of tasting for what it is, and acknowledges that God is simply in the middle of completely His plan for Job’s life, and it isn’t finished yet. Job knows that if he keeps on holding fast to the steps of the LORD, then he will not only survive the testing… But come forth as gold!!

During the past few months of testing in my own life, I delved into books like this one: Job, Ecclesiastes, and Nehemiah… Books about struggle and testing and healing. I clung to the LORD, you guys, and only by His grace. I’m still clinging, because things are still hard.

But like Mary, I’ve entered a time of new calling and rejoicing and this is my heart: “…He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name!” // Luke 1:49 //

A few days ago I was called in for a short-notice, group interview at Charming Charlie. I was nervous, but felt okay about it afterwards. I’ve been praying for a job for months, but several others had not worked out, and I’d been really discouraged. I asked all of facebook to say a prayer before I went in for the interview. 

I was told I’d hear back by this coming Tuesday if they wanted me. (I hate waiting for things like this…) two hours later, while at the grocery store with my mother, they called me back and hired me on the spot

Praise Jesus!

But He wasn’t done yet 😉

Later that night I logged into my email to send my mother a cute article full of adorable date night ideas (I’ll share that some other time 😉 ), and I noticed I had one new email.

When I looked at the title, my stomach lurched, and my jaw literally just fell open. I got goosebumps. Is this what it feels like to be touched by the Holy Spirit? The email said:



No, it wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t a mistake (you can be sure, I contacted the beautiful soul who donated, to be 100% positive). God has provided the full amount for me to be certified as a holy yoga instructor. 

Through someone I never would have expected, who was obedient to the call of the LORD, even when it was outside of their comfort zone. you will be blessed and rewarded for your obedience & generosity, sweet soul. ❤

Praise. Be. To. God.

I will start my training in the beginning of January and complete the online portion in March, before flying out to Arizona for a week long intensive teaching retreat at the beginning of May. 

By May 6,2016 I will be a certified holy yoga instructor

I’m going to have a couple of really exciting opportunities for those of you who would like to sign up to pray for me as I walk this road of calling in this season of preparation & training which I am just so over the moon about, but I will post some more information on that later. 

For now, I’m still just basking in the grace of God to call me out and give me this provision & confirmation. Thanks for tagging along and being a witness to His big-ness, sweet friend.



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