7 really good reasons to date yourself

so, I’ve posted about dating your hubby (100 dates to be specific), and I’ve posted about friend dating 🙂 but today I thought I’d talk about what it means to “date” yourself… and why it’s such a good idea!! 🙂 wheee!!

so what does it even mean to date yourself?

well, just like you’d spend quality time with a friend or significant other, you need to spend quality time with yourself. knowing yourself well is a big part of having a healthy emotional and spiritual life, and (bonus!!) it’s kind of a lot of fun, too! 🙂

so let’s just jump into it, shall we? 🙂

date yourself

here we go!

1) to think straight
sometimes all that running around all busy-like is just a strain for our brains and emotions. sometimes you just need to pause, breathe deeply, and say to yourself, “okay, this is me. this is the person I am right now. and this, too, is good.”

2) to chill out
no kids. no hubby. no friends. no one. except. you. just you. doesn’t that sound simply divine? 🙂 even though I adore my husband (seriously, he’s the best!), and I don’t have kids, sometimes I still crave a bit of alone time to do my own thing and just be.

3) to learn to be alone
this comes easier for some of us than for others, I know. all you extroverts out there might be groaning, but it’s good for the soul to grasp the concept of alone, but not lonely. to be honest, it’s a basic life skill that too many of us don’t posses in our world of just-a-text-away!
moriah coffee shop

4) to be outrageously yourself
turn up the jonas bros that music you listened to in middle school, grab your hairbrush, and rock out in front of the mirror. when was the last time you intentionally made time to be the outrageously silly, unique version of YOU? let yourself get silly and be yourself with… yourself!

5) to pamper yourself silly
we all need it every now and again. grab the wine, the ice cream, and your fave show (or check out one of my favorite bingeable series!!); pull on your yoga pants, and toss your hair into that messy bun; don’t forget your cuddliest blankets & pillows! pile it all on your bed and just enjoy an evening of pampering yourself. (nail polish & facial highly recommended)

6) to show yourself some love
if you’re just not where you dreamed you’d be in life right now, this might be a good point in time to take yourself out on a date and remind yourself of some great, beautiful truths. ❤ it’s so wonderfully healthy to have a practice of healthy self-talk and a good relationship with yourself! take yourself out to coffee, bring your bible & journal, and remind yourself of all the good things God has in store for those who love Him!

7) to learn to enjoy being you
I think it’s really freakin’ important to enjoy the person God made you to be! life kind of sucks when you’re at odds with who you are. spending time with just you can help you to get to know yourself better. sometimes that means confronting things in you that you don’t like very much, either because they are destructive to you or others, or because you are comfortable in your own skin… use that to either change those things or make peace with them, respectively. as you continue to make time for you, you’ll start to be friends with you… maybe for the first time ever… and that is a pretty awesome thing ❤

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