top 5 netflix shows for binge-watching NOW!

all hail the glorious netflix! 😉

here is a graph of my netflix-watching, corresponding to the outdoor temperature.

netflix graph

this cooler weather just lends itself so perfectly to cuddles under blankets, hands cupping a mug of cocoa, squished up against your significant other… or cat. you know, whatever you prefer 😉

so, for your binge-watching inspiration (because you need inspiration to sit, staring at a screen for hours on end…?) I have compiled a list of my 5 current favorite shows to watch… from beginning to end… in one day…

😉 enjoy!


duh. and again I say, DUH. a group of adults, attempting to successfully adult, drinking much coffee, and doing things we all do in our twenties. this show tackles it all… dating, family problems, awkward situations, grief… I mean, what’s not to love here?

2.) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
okay, I had my doubts about this one. a whole show about obnoxiously bouncy, and, let’s face it, not-too-bright Erin from The Office? Ehh… but this show definitely held its own. a completely ingenious plot line (girls rescued from an underground bunker where they’d been kept by a crazy guy starting a cult!!) gives way to a hysterical series of mishaps, hilarity, and a whole lot of heartwarming moments. I can’t wait for season 2!

3.) Portlandia
if you’re looking for something unique and different… this show will hand all that to you and more. set in portland, oregon, this show is probably the most unique show on all of television right now. fred & carrie play almost all of the characters, different couples living in portland. the show is full of shorter sketches of each of the characters, and it’ll have you ROFL for real. portlandia introduces the hilarious, the bizarre, the stereotyped, and the ironic, served up on the platter of your tv screen.

4.) Fixer Upper
cutest couple ever, Chip & Joanna Gaines are husband and wife (and they’re what all of us would label #relationshipgoals). they also happen to work on houses together and make everything look gorgeous for people who buy “fixer-upper” houses. while it’s not fictional, it’s definitely comedy, and when you’re not going “oohhh I want that in my house!“, you’ll be laughing at Chip’s antics, and siding with Joanna’s sarcastic quips. even if you’re skeptical that this is a bingeable show, give it a shot. you just might be hooked!

5.) The Office
okay, I couldn’t not put this on here. a childish boss, office romance, constant gossip, loveable and hateable characters, and the shaky cam style make this one of the most easily bingeable tv series ever aired (and then added to netflix).

so what’s your next binge-watching goal? 🙂
have you already witnessed all of the hilarity mentioned above, or are you excited to try a new show?
did I miss something in this list?

happy bingeing!

12 thoughts on “top 5 netflix shows for binge-watching NOW!

      1. Goooood! Hahahaha you should watch it! I 100000000% recommend! I’m a nerd and I love law stuff though. Nothing better than a lawyer 😉 Probably why I’m currently (casually) dating one haha. They alwaaaaaays dress so pretty like 😍

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