DIY quinoa nourish bowl

“you are what you eat.”

it’s a common reflection, often used in a joking manner, but how often do we stop and think about what it really means? I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what I am after too many french fries 😉  #guiltypleasure

as a christian yogi, but more importantly as a human being, I care very deeply about taking care of my body, because I believe that, like scripture says, it is a temple! a temple that’s falling apart and yucky isn’t very honoring to the One I’m supposed to be worshiping, is it? also, I know and understand that my physical body deeply effects my emotional and spiritual lives, too, and if I want to feel balanced, stable, and rooted, emotionally and spiritually, then I should be taking care of myself physically.

so I have gotten pretty picky about what I put in my body!!

however, I hate boring food.

like… hate it. so much. if it doesn’t look pretty and doesn’t taste interesting, I probably won’t want to eat it. I also want something that’s fast and easily accessible. (I know, I know… so high maintenance 😉 )

so I began experimenting with these heavenly quinoa nourish bowls.
I think it’s important to “eat the rainbow” (no, I’m not talking skittles…), and that’s exactly what these bowls look like!!
nourish bowls LEAD

I’ll be straight up with you.

these are some of the most interesting, delicious, variable, and simple meals you will ever make.


here is how to make them:

1.) start with your base
quinoa!! 🙂 this super yummy superfood is your base (duh) for you quinoa bowls. cook about a cup of it for three bowls.
nourish bowl4

2.) add your protein
I added some chia seeds (another fantastic superfood!) to mine, but you could use anything you want. that’s the beauty of these bowls! try beans or grilled chicken! yummm.

3.) add your veggies
load ’em on there!! I used sweet potatoes (orange & purple) and snap peas, but next time I think I’ll use more. maybe I’ll add some corn, or broccoli. I know lots of people like tomatoes and avocado 🙂 again, you can be as creative as you wish! try mushrooms, or peppers.
nourish bowl2

4.) add your “something blue crunchy”
something crunchy is probably my favorite part 😉 anyone who knows me, knows I love things that are salty and crunchy. it’s my weakness!! I added roasted chick peas to mine, although the snap peas were pretty crunchy, too! I like things a little spicy, so I roasted mine with some cayenne to give it some flavor and heat. so tasty!
TIP: if you’re pre-making these, wait to add the chick peas until you’re ready to eat, otherwise they tend to get a little soggy!

5.) add your dressing
this can be literally anything that helps to hold everything together and make it easier to eat 😉 I actually used chipotle’s dressing (they give it to you for free if you walk in and ask!!), but, once again, you could use anything. even things like mashed avocado, salsa, or a dollop of greek yogurt would work!
nourish bowl5

6.) add your “little extras”
if your flavors allow, you could toss in some fruit! but this gives room for pretty much anything that you see on your pantry shelves and go “oh, I bet that would be yummy in here!” 😉 because my bowl was of a very savory nature, I ate my fruit on the side… along with a pumpkin corn muffin… hello autumn in my mouth!

nourish bowl6

nourish bowl3

best. lunch. ever.

what are you going to toss into your quinoa nourish bowls? 🙂

3 thoughts on “DIY quinoa nourish bowl

  1. I had a burrito bowl with wholegrain rice, chicken, coleslaw, jalapeños, kumara (sweet potato) and some BOMB ASS dressings. It was so, so, so good. I’ve been making my own salad bowls, but I think I’m gonna have to start making quinoa bowls too! I just found a giant packet of it in the back of my pantry! 🙂

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