fall style guide :: how to wear leather pants

it’s FALL, y’all 😉

do I talk about this enough?
sorry, I’m too obsessed to stop!

the salted caramel mochas… the crunchy leaves… the amazing fresh air… ❤

one of my favorite things about autumn, though, is the style.

it’s not quite cold enough where I am to be tugging on the sweaters yet (although this weekend is pretty promising, in the low 50’s!), I’m still trying to let autumn influence as much of my wardrobe as possible!

there are several style trends that poke their heads out in the fall, and one of them has always both intrigued and intimidated me… leather pants.
style guide

I’ve been staring at h&m’s for probably three years now, unwilling to cave and spend the $40 on something I didn’t really know how to incorporate into my wardrobe. (and, let’s face it, I’m a broke young wife.) but this fall, as I was digging through their clearance racks, I came across the last pair in my size for a whopping $4.50.

yes, you read that right.

it was a sign, for sure.
so, of course I bought the four-dollar leather pants (and a $3 striped tee, because of course.) and floated out of the store on cloud nine. that was three months ago, and for a long while they sat on the top shelf of my “closet” un-worn. 

like I said, I’ve always been kinda intimidated by leather pants. they give off such a “I’m a kick-ass girl boss who has all her junk together.” kind of vibe. and, let’s be real, I don’t always have it all together, so I wasn’t really sure if I was entirely worthy qualified to wear leather pants.

nevertheless, there I was, trying to put an outfit together around these $4.50 leather pants.

after MUCH failure, I figured it out… I think… I guess you can be the judge 😉

leather pantsLEAD2

there are LOTS of ways to wear leather pants. they’re actually crazy-versatile and not that hard to work with, despite my nervousness.
I’ve only photographed one option, but I’m telling you about in particular. 🙂
leather pants

  1. casual modern
    get the look: plain white v-neck tee, half-bun, lived-in eyeliner, simple necklace, berry lip color, and skater shoes.
    wear it here: running errands, hitting a concert, haunted house, chilling with friends, raking leaves
    leather pants3
  2. dressy chic
    get the look: denim button-up, statement necklace, loose curls, pointed-toe heels or flats, cat-eye liner
    wear it here: church, work, first date, dinner on the town
    leather pants6
  3. styled-up cozy
    get the look: bulky sweater, chunky necklace, messy bun, riding boots, light makeup
    wear it here: studying at starbucks, bonfire night, picking out a pumpkin, fall baking party, corn maze
    leather pants2
  4. girl boss
    get the look: fitted sweater or top with elbow patches, chain-link necklace, red lipstick, ankle booties, watch, top knot or pin-straight hair
    wear it here: out for drinks, autumn walk in the park, girls night out, job interview
    leather pants5
  5. city girl in the country
    get the look: plaid button-up, nude lips, side braid, cozy scarf, riding boots, big bag, midi rings
    wear it here: apple picking, autumn picnic, hay ride, decorating the house, girls craft night, drive-in movie

there you have it! 🙂

5 ultra-stylish and stupid-easy ways to wear leather pants this fall.
do you have a pair of leather pants?
a favorite way to wear ’em?
are you still intimidated by their awesomeness? 😉

let me know in the comments!!

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