grace ignites purpose :: help me with mine

It is one of the greatest truths in Scripture… that grace gives us purpose. I think of all the greats we envy in our Bibles, and I can’t help but see the way that the Lord’s gentleness made them great.

plow pose

It was grace that spoke to Rahab and called her to rescue and be rescued. It was grace that placed Nehemiah in a position to receive the call to rebuild. It was grace that preserved Esther to instill in her, her purpose of saving a nation. It was grace that forgave Peter and called him to be the rock on which the church was built. It was grace that reached out to Lydia, who found her purpose in housing the new church.

It was grace that took a depressed, self-harming pastor’s daughter with an anxiety disorder and opened her eyes to the overwhelming love of Christ, which walked the road of her yoga practice to find its way into her heart. And it was on that hard and beautiful road which I found my purpose and my calling.


I’ve watched women walk this road and find Jesus. I’ve seen tears fall as forgiveness is accepted, freedom is found, and hope is embraced. I’ve been healed and seen others find healing in the Lord from anxiety, depression, and everyday stress as they find Him, sometimes for the first time, on their mats.

There is something powerful about a calling.

There is something one can’t ignore in a glorious purpose.

This is mine.

tree pose variation2

If you feel so lead, I’d ask you to please extend a hand to help me begin this God-given journey of teaching yoga. To be certified with the holy yoga program, which is a Christian yoga company that teaches you to guide students towards Jesus through yoga, the cost is $2500. This covers the nine week program, where I will be mentored by my teacher as I learn the ins and outs of yoga and of leading a bible study. On the final week, I will catch a flight to Arizona, where I will spend a week at an intensive retreat with my class, learning hands-on.

however, this is not something that I can currently achieve on my own, in my current situation. I need help. lots of it. but I still believe that the LORD qualifies the called, and that He equips those who He gives a purpose.

you can be that qualifier, sweet friend. you can be that equipping tool. you can be used of the LORD to further His kingdom and touch lives in His name and for His glory, in this unique way.

I can’t lie… I’m scared to press that “publish” button on this post. I’m so nervous to hit “go” on this dream. what if no one helps? what if I don’t raise anything? what if God doesn’t come through? yeah, I’m scared, and sometimes doubts cloud my mind. but I am choosing faith. I’m choosing to step out of the comfortable and wriggle my toes in the tides of unknown and wild, terrifying, wonderful possibility. God’s will be done.

you can go —–> here <—– to donate to this special dream.

Thank you in advance for aiding me in my purpose.

May you root down deeply in Jesus to rise up.

wheel pose

Let your roots grow into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.
(Colossians 2:7)

grace & peace to you

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