100 cheap dates for married people (that are actually super fun)

we all know date nights are important. we also all know it can be tough to think of something that’s both fun and inexpensive when date night makes it’s weekly appearance!!

I mean, I’m not made of cash, and I’ve never run into any trees growing money, either, so in our house, date nights don’t have much room to splurge (we save that for anniversaries & birthdays & important holidays!!). and if you’re anything like J and I, you have a similar experience 🙂

but! that doesn’t mean that quality time, fun, romance, or adventure have to be sacrificed under the claim of pinching pennies! you really, truly can still have an awesome time together on a (teeny tiny) budget.

I’ve scoured pinterest, recalled J’s & mine favorite times together, and brainstormed like crazy to bring you the master list of all cheap date night ideas. and I think it’s pretty spectacular (if I do say so myself) 😉

so grab your hubby, some coffee, and a pen & paper, and write down your faves from below to try out together!! (hey, there’s your first date right there!) 😀 have FUN!

100 dates

100 cheap dates for married people (that are actually super fun)

  1. make a “bucket list” of dates to go on. RULE: you both have to love all the ideas.
  2. draw the floorplan of your dream home. include all the “necessities”… you know, elevator, pool.. the whole sha-bang 
  3. bake cookies. in your undies & aprons. the oven won’t be the only reason things start feeling hot 😉
  4. plan a future vacation
  5. each of you write a short story based on a writing prompt. then compare! find over 100 free ones here 
  6. mad libs!!
  7. take a hike
  8. have him do your makeup
  9. funny youtube video night! check out our playlist here for ideas 🙂
  10. make a blanket fort
  11. take a long walk
  12. spin the bottle date night… printables here!!
  13. redbox movie night. be sure to pick up snacks & pop some popcorn!
  14. string white lights all around your bedroom & dance to your wedding song (awww…)
  15. go in search of good trees for climbing. make sure you both climb as high as you can, and take pictures!
  16. people watch. and make up stories about them!
  17. write sappy love poems for one another
  18. pretend to be wildly rich, and test drive expensive cars.
  19. perform silly, short plays in front of random security cameras.
  20. rake leaves in autumn
  21. visit a new coffee shop
  22. try a new recipe together
  23. go to a park, play on the swings, and throw the frisbee
  24. if you live somewhat near the beach (a few hours away), get up in the middle of the night and drive to the beach in time to watch the sunrise.
  25. take a penny walk. heads is right, tails is left. pick a number of times to flip it (whenever you reach a corner or a place to turn). then create a date wherever you end up!
  26. trilogy marathon. nuff said.
  27. have a library date. each of you find a book you’ve never read before that starts with the first letter of your name, then sit down and read to one another.
  28. picnic on the floor! wine, cheese, candles. instant romance 😉
  29. make an activity book together. go here for the how-to.
  30. try a new workout together… have him teach you how to do a chin up, or show him your yoga moves!
  31. game night. scrabble, jenga… all the good stuff. turn them into strip games if you’re feelin’ frisky 😉
  32. re-enact your first date… giggles, shyness, goofiness and all!
  33. make s’mores and cuddle by the fire.
  34. have a nerf gun battle!
  35. make your own pizza instead of ordering. maybe pair this with your youtube video night!
  36. look at your wedding album & listen to your wedding playlist.
  37. plan a couples halloween costume.
  38. go to a major chain bookstore & leave notes in your favorite books for other readers to find.
  39. take a scenic drive, and listen to an audiobook. hand-holding is a must.
  40. give each other a massage with warm oil.
  41. make your own “the game of love” bedsheet game (here)! you can do this together as part of your date, or surprise your hubby with it!
  42. go cut down your christmas tree! see if you can find the tallest, shortest, fattest, skinniest, most charlie-brown-esque, etc… make sure to get photos with all of them. including, of course, “the” tree! 🙂
  43. italy night! make spaghetti, cheesy bread, salad, and pull out the fancy plates and wine glasses. add candles and a romantic italian playlist (try spotify!) for an ultra-romantic evening on a dime.
  44. smooch date. walk around your city, and ask people to take photos of the two of you smooching! save those pictures!!
  45. make a photo album of all your great date nights!
  46. hotel at home. put mints on the pillows, spray some awesome air freshener, and make the bed nicely. you could even add some brochures of your city, or a menu for the following morning’s breakfast.
  47. look at for-sale houses for fun, and dream about the future.
  48. train for and run in a 5k together.
  49. picnic at the park! make it fancy by wrapping your sandwiches in parchment paper and bringing real glasses.
  50. head out to red robin, sit at the bar, and split a boozy milkshake (the blue moon & orange one is crazy-good!!).
  51. a lot of liquor stores host a wine-tasting night. try it out! if you don’t buy, it’s not expensive 😉
  52. go cheap car-camping for a night in your local state park. bring lots of cozy blankets & stargaze.
  53. pick out a pumpkin, then carve it at home while watching a spooky movie!
  54. go apple picking.
  55. copycat night. find a copycat recipe for one of your favorite restaurant meals, and try making it together at home! whether you succeed or fail, it’ll be fun! 🙂 
  56. dirty game night. grab yours from spencer’s or off amazon, or make your own, either out of a board game you own, or from scratch!
  57. take pictures of each other
  58. go to a local park & and rent something they have to do for fun. ours has a lake, and they rent paddle boats for just $6! maybe yours rents bikes, fishing poles, or something else fun!
  59. have a water balloon fight
  60. buy each other the funniest thing you can find at the $ store!
  61. make a list of potential baby names
  62. take a day trip to IKEA and furnish your imaginary home
  63. try geocashing!
  64. play in the rain, and jump in the puddles!
  65. visit the farmer’s market
  66. pop popcorn on the stove, then sprinkle with your own seasonings
  67. play hide and seek in the dark
  68. play “paint twister” in the backyard or on the driveway. cover the colored dots with the same color of paint… then play!
  69. take a day trip to a city that’s a couple hours away. do all the touristy things!
  70. play video games
  71. have a fondue night… cheese, chocolate, or whatever you fancy 🙂
  72. make one another a fancy cocktail.
  73. the “ultimate bookstore date”, which can be found here!
  74. make a huge breakfast together
  75. create your own holiday. no, really! you can do this! get it registered by the national day calendar here! 😀
  76. learn how to do something new… like swing dance! …via youtube.
  77. work on a home improvement project together.
  78. go pet some animals at a local shelter!
  79. …or, if you’re near DC, visit the crumbs & whiskers cat cafe! just don’t forget to make a reservation.
  80. wrap Christmas presents together
  81. color in a coloring book! print pages from online (here), make a page from a photograph (here), or buy your own.
  82. attempt to set a Guinness world record!
  83. create an at-home scavenger hunt for each other
  84. get strangers to vote… on just about anything! whose sandcastle, poem, fashion style, card trick, etc is better.
  85. play snapchat hide and seek. more info here!
  86. go to Costco on friday and eat all the samples! 🙂 (if you don’t have a membership, get someone who does to buy you a small gift card, so you can get in… and pay them back)
  87. play nonesense scrabble (you play with fake words, but you must have a definition for them, and be able to remember it!)
  88. buy a bag of jellybeans (or other candy), feed them to each other blindfolded, and try to guess the flavor.
  89. play a workout game to your favorite movie or tv show.
  90. play would you rather
  91. light up some sparklers at night
  92. see who can build the tiniest (and biggest) snowman/sandcastle!
  93. turn your home into a haunted house
  94. keep your childhood magic alive, and build a fairy door… learn how here!
  95. attend a home depot workshop
  96. pool party for two… not much better than staring down your shirtless hubby 😉
  97. roadtrip date. you don’t have to go far! find interesting places to explore and hidden gems to snack at here!!
  98. make your own soda floats. if you don’t like root beer, try orange, grape, or coke floats! or buy small bottles of several kinds and see which you like best!!
  99. make a countdown chain to a special event or holiday
  100. sexy picasso date night! hot hot hot!! find ALL the details over here!!

have fun turning up the heat, exploring new places, and enjoying the company of your love!! ❤ happy dating!

7 thoughts on “100 cheap dates for married people (that are actually super fun)

  1. I LOVE your list! The perfect blend of fun, romance and comfort. Hubby and I are recently married, but through this whole process of immigrating, we just spent 2 months apart, so we have some catching up to do on date nights! 🙂

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